10 things to do in Zagreb

Central Zagreb, where most of the city’s attraction can be found is divided into Upper Town (“Gornji Grad”) and Lower Town (“Donji Grad”). We recommend you to wear conformable shoes for discovering the old part of the city and avoid public transport. But there is also an efficient tram system which can take you to the more distant points of interest. Zagreb doesn’t lack great parks, monuments, churches and palaces. Here is the list of our top 10 sights you shouldn’t miss:

01. In the Upper Town get lost in the narrow streets around the famous Stone Gate (“Kamenita vrata”), one of the oldest entrances to the city. The gate is one of the few buildings that have survived the devastating fire of 1731.

02. In the zone called the Kaptol you’ll find Zagreb’s cathedral. With its 105 meters high bell towers, this impressive gothic style cathedral is the highest building not only in Zagreb, but in the whole Croatia.

03. Another chrematistic building of Zagreb is the church of St Mark, famous for its colorful roof which portraits the emblem of the old kingdom of Croatia, Slavonia and Dalmatia.

04. Stroll along Tkalciceva Street, one of the most picturesque streets where you can enjoy the rich Croatian coffee and its delicious sweets.

05. The legendary Esplanade hotel close to the train station is famous for once hosting the passengers of the even more legendary Orient Express.

06. Go and chill among the various species of trees and plants in the Zagreb Botanical garden.

07. The elegant neo-baroque style national theatre is one of the most significant symbols of Zagreb. It is a base for the best Croatian artists and visitors from abroad.

08. The open air Dolac Market with its colourful vegetable and flowers stalls is one of the most photographic places in all of Zagreb.

09. The Mimara Museum is one of the most important art centres in Europe. Its superb art collection contains works by such names as Velázquez, Caravaggio and Renoir and is worth spending a few hours. It can be found on the Rooselvelt square in the western part of the city.

10. The natural park of Medvednica is an ideal place for jogging and bike riding. It is crowned with the Medvedgrad Fort and is truly a paradise for visitors.

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