Activities in Soca River Valley

The Soca river Valley (Soča in Slovenian, pronounced socha) offers many sports activities to enjoy, with family or friends. This turquoise river surrounded by lush green forests is perfect for all kind of sports lovers. From adventure activities such as kayaking, rafting and canyoning, through natural swimming pools where you can swim and relax to easy and light hiking trails perfect for photographing and admiring the nature of the place. In Ekorna we prepare an adventure trip where we can include several active sports.

Here are some of the activities you cannot miss during your adventure trip:

Kayaking on the Soca River

Kayaking is one of the most interesting sports to practice in the Soca river valley, there are several levels based on difficulty. For example, for high / difficult levels you have the Soca river itself or the Koritnica river. If you are looking for easier levels we recommend Most Na Soci Lake or Rabeljsko Jezero Lake.

Soca river valley

For the Soca River and Koritnica River, a special permit is required that can be purchased at one of the various sports agencies that organize daily excursions in this region, especially in Bovec and Tomin.

Rafting in the Soca Valley

Rafting is the most popular activity on the Soča river, perfect to do in groups, it takes 2 to 3 hours to travel 10km along the Soča river, where you go through the area of ​​rapids of various difficulty levels. No knowledge is required, you only need to know how to swim.


Adrenaline junkie? We got you covered! All the activities in Soca River Valley just for you!


Canyoning on the Soca River

Undoubtedly, the star adventure sport in the Soca river valley is canyoning. There are many routes to enjoy, but the most popular are the ones following the secondary rivers: Sučec and Fratarica.

These rivers become a water park full of natural slides, waterfalls and refreshing waters that flow into natural pools. This experience takes 2 to 3 hours to complete, you will find the best guides for this activity in the towns of Bovec and Tolmin.

Ziplines in the Soca River Valley

Not all adventure activities in the Soca river valley are done in the water, we suggest enjoying nature from the sky, one of the adrenaline experiences par excellence is the Bovec zip line, at 1300 meters of altitude 550 m are traveled from one mountain to another, perfect for adventurous souls.

Soca river valley

These are some of the most interesting activities that are organized and carried out in the Soča river valley, but there is also the option to do: hiking trips, cycling trips, mountain bike descent, skydiving or paragliding.

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