Best Waterfalls in Slovenia

Here is a short list of the best waterfalls in Slovenia you can easily add to your trip when visiting this beautiful little country in the heart of Europe. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be an experience hiker to see most of them, since they are pretty accessible. The majority of the best waterfalls in Slovenia can be found in the mountainous areas around the Alps, powered by the melting snow or pristine springs.

All the sites mentioned below can easily be added to your tailor-made trip to Slovenia. As local experts we will prepare the perfect itinerary according to your wishes and interests. Let us know if you are history buff, a keen nature lover or both!


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Check out the best waterfalls in Slovenia




The number one on our list of best waterfalls in Slovenia is the gorgeous Kozjak Waterfall near Kobarid in the upper Soča Valley. You can easily see why we put it on the very top of our inventory. This 15-meter waterfall is located in a natural chamber, surrounded by high stone walls, which creates an illusion of remoteness and exotic.

Because of its location in a shady and cool canyon, the Kozjak Waterfall is a great choice to visit on a hot summer day, although it’s easily accessible in any season. You can stop by when hiking the Julian Trail or exploring the best of Slovenia, on your own or with a local guide.

Best waterfalls in Slovenia - Kozjak

Pericnik waterfall, Slovenia


The 52-meter tall Peričnik Waterfall is definitely one of the most admired natural attractions in Slovenia. It is located in the Valley of Vrata, approximately half way between the picturesque village of Mojstrana which guards the entrance to the valley and the high northern wall of the mighty Mt. Triglav at its end. The path is well marked and maintained, which makes Peričnik a great daily trip on foot or even bike.

Don’t forget, apart from the higher waterfall, there is also a smaller one with a 16-meter drop, which you can visit if you climb just a but higher.


The 106-meter high and 18-meter wide, Boka is the most majestic waterfall in Slovenia. However, to see its true might, you need to visit it in the spring when snow is melting in the mountains or after a heavy rain. Its flow sometimes reaches the spectacular 100 cubic meters of water per second.

Located in the upper Soča Valley, Boka can be seen from the main road connecting Bovec and Kobarid. You will also see it if you hike the Alpe-Adria Trail, a popular long-distance route that stretches from Alps to the Adriatic Sea, across Austria, Slovenia and Italy. We promise, you will be blwon away!

Best waterfalls in Slovenia: Boka



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Rinka waterfall


One of the heights and most popular falls in the country is also Rinka, situated at the very end of the beautiful Logar Valley, on the far east corner of the Alps. It is easily accessible from the parking lot, but to truly experience the pristine nature that surrounds it, we recommend you hike the whole length of the valley. At the end of the trail, you can rest and enjoy a well-deserved drink in a bar, perched on a rock just beside the waterfall.

This 90-meter drop against a high mountain wall is just one of the elements that make visiting Logar Valley so popular. You can continue exploring the region by following the Solčava panoramic road above the valley.


Savica is a truly iconic waterfall, immortalized in the epic poem of the famous Slovenian author, France Prešeren called The Baptism at the Savica, a tragic love story in the time of violent christianisation of the Slavic peoples in the 8th century. However, you don’t have to know the poem to experience all the mystic beauty of this place.

What makes Savica Waterfall so unique, is its double stream, split before it rises to the surface. It is located very close to the Bohinj Lake, the largest one in Slovenia. In fact, Savica is one of its most important tributaries. The area is featured in almost all cultural and hiking itineraries of Slovenia.

Best waterfalls in Slovenia - Savica

Best waterfalls in Slovenia - Virje


The list of the best waterfalls in Slovenia just wouldn’t be complete without the fairly-tale Virje Waterfall, situated near Bovec, a popular outdoor sport center in the upper Soča Valley. This elegant multi-stranded waterfall drops into the gorgeous emerald pool and crates a stunning image of a paradise. However, don’t get too exited about swimming, since the water temperature rarely rises above 7 degrees Celsius.

It source is a rare karstic springs that never dry up, so you can visit Virje any time of the year. It’s a half-day trip from Bovec, but if you don’t have that much time, you can also get there by car.

This is the list of the best waterfalls in Slovenia, we think you should definitely take time to visit. However, there are many more falls, you can find in this charming little country. If you take a hiking tour through the valleys of Julian Alps, you can also visit the three-level Martuljek Waterfalls and the mighty Šum Waterfall at the end of the popular Vintgar Gorge.

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