Navigating the labyrinth of the Kornati Islands

Sail Trip to the Kornati Islands. Come with us....!

Portorož – Beach and luxury in Slovenia

Discover the Slovenian coast and his little village of Portorož 

The 7 best beaches in Croatia

Do you know the best croatian beaches? These are our choice.

10 things to do in Zagreb

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Metelkova Mesto – a different place in Ljubljana

It is wonderful to wander the city like Ljubljana and find a place like Metelkova Mesto

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Brac, the largest Dalmatian island

Many sun-seeking tourists embark a ferry from Split or other Dalmatian ports for a pleasant visit to the magnificent island of Brač


Summer is almost here, so get down to work and start planning your trip for the upcoming holidays. Have you thought about a cruse in the Adriatic?


Slovenia has an impressive historical heritage full of culture. Thanks to the precise conservation of the ancient buildings, we can learn a lot about the adventures of these gentlemen who inhabited the castles and fortresses.

Croatia in the winter, skiing and more

Going to Croatia in the winter is a real treat, as the nature turns this country into a scene from a fairy tale. Even if you don’t attempt to go skiing in Croatia, there is still a lot to do here all year round.


We could say that Croatia has two types of weather: the Mediterranean and continental climate. Its geography with the Dinaric Alps creates a natural barrier that provides mild Mediterranean climate in the Adriatic zone. However, east of the mountain range in Slavonia, Zagreb and Plitvice the continental climate prevails.