Brac, a piece of Paradise in Croatia

Many sun-seeking tourists embark a ferry from Split or other Dalmatian ports for a pleasant visit to the magnificent island of Brač. Thanks to the great maritime connections in this part of Croatia, it is possible to enjoy the charms of its geography, as well as its great atmosphere that prevails within their inhabitants. Several companies operate this quite affordable route that allows you to reach the island in less than an hour.

Once you get to the island of Brač, it is advisable to rent a car to easily reach numerous beaches that lie along its coast, as well as the small towns waiting to be discovered. There is only one main road connecting the main towns and climbs the Mount San Vito. That is why we advise you to remember taking medication for motion sickness if you get carsick easily.

The port of Supetar is the most significant city of the island, buzzing with locals and tourists. We advise you to stroll among its old streets and visit one of the town’s priceless jewels: the magnificent church of Mary Annunciation. As you walk through the Supetar the smell of olive trees and not so distant vineyards encourage you to taste delicious local wines and oils.

Most visitors of the island rush to the famous town of Bol, the only settlement of its southern coast, which is also the obligatory swim stop for most of the cruises in our wide offer. Especially in the summer months, the town is packed with families and young people soaking in the sun and dipping into turquoise waters of the Adriatic on one of Croatia’s most famous beaches: Zlatni Rat. Its horn-like shape seems to appeal to everyone who comes to the island. Maybe even more so for constantly changing its form during the day due to the rise and falls of the sea level.

Very near to Supetar is Pucisca, famous for its quarry of white marble. The locals will tell you that marble from this very quarry was used to build the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, the building of the United Nations in New York and even the White House.

Another thing worth visiting while on Brač is the Monastery Blaca, a place lost in the southwestern part of the island. The Old Franciscan Monastery from the sixteenth century has a very interesting story of self-management carried out by the inhabitants of this curious place. There are two ways to reach this spot. You can go by boat to the small bay and from there follow the path leading to the monastery. The other option is from Dragovode. We really recommend you to visit this particular place, as the experience is truly unforgettable.