Brown bear safari in Slovenia

Looking for exciting and unique experiences while you are visiting Slovenia? How about a brown bear safari? Slovenia is a perfect destination to meet these furry creatures up close. More than 60% of its surface is covered by forest, which makes is the third most forested country in the European Union after Sweden and Finland. This provides a great habitat for more than 700 brown bears – one of the largest population of its kind in Europe.

Do you want to meet them? What a better way to complete your visit of Slovenia than with a unique and unforgettable experience such is a brown bear safari, where you can observe this magnificent animals and get to know them in their natural environment.

In a half-day adventure, you will delve into Slovenian nature with a experienced English-speaking forest guard, who will show you the territory where these fascinating animals are born and live for most of their lives. Don’t worry, you will be completely safe, observing these large animals from a protected wooden hut.


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Brown bear safari in Slovenia


Despite being an engendered species protected by European and international legislation, brown bear (ursus arctos) is very common in certain parts of Slovenia. Their density is especially high in the southern parts of the country – around Lake Cerknica, Lož Valley and the deep woods of Kočevje – an area of primeval beech forests also protected by UNESCO.

The Slovenian brown bear is between 1,6 and 2,6 meters long and can weigh between 200 and 400 kilograms, which makes it one of the largest animals in Europe. Life expectancy is around 35 years. Brown bear is one of the most omnivorous animals in the world and has been recorded as consuming the greatest variety of foods of any bear.

Due to their hibernation time, the brown bear safari is only possible from May to October. During hibernation, which lasts about 3 months, females have their offspring, so if you want to see bear cubs in the wild, we recommend doing this brown bear safari during the first half of the year.



Brown bear safari is a truly unique experience


Brown bear safari in Slovenia


This safari tour is designed for smaller groups and is not suitable for children under 10 years old as strict silence is required in order to approach the animal. Our excursion can be adapted depending on the physical condition of the clients.

For more information on how to add brown bear safari to your trip of Slovenia, you can contact by filling put the form below.  If you are planning a Ljubljana City Break, this  safari can be a great half-day excursion from there. Our agency provides tailor-made tours to Slovenia, Croatia and other Balkan countries. We would be glad to organize one for you.


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