Fish farming experience

With just over 46 kilometers, Slovenian coastline is among the shortest in the world. Nevertheless, visitors will not get bored easily since the area is exceptionally diverse and offers dozens of unique activities. Among the most popular ones is the unforgettable fish farming experience, a half-day excursion which includes an educational boat tour of the famous fishing farm and of course a degustation of their delicious products.

This unique and sustainable travel experience on the Slovenian coast is a great opportunity for all of you sea food lovers out there to lean everything you always wanted to know about fish farming. Your hosts are renown biologists who decided to farm the best fish in the world and will be more than glad to share their extraordinary story with you.


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Fish farming experience in Slovenia


Just a few hundred meters off the southern-most part of the Slovenian coast lies a fish heaven which is said to breed the best fish in the world – the famous Piran bass. What is their secret? According to the managers, renown Slovenian biologists, they are not following any established rules of fish farming. Instead of limiting their expenses like most other farms of this type, the fish are kept in the water for far too long and they are fed very expensive food. In addition, their nets are not overpopulated, leaving the fish enough room to grow. They claim that the number of fish in their tanks is ten times lower than required by the industry’s standards.

Furthermore, all the work is done by hand and they are not using any chemicals since they are not allowed to, given the fact that the fish farm lies within the protected area of Sečovlje Salt Pans Landscape Park. This coastal reserve combines traditional way of salt harvesting, bird watching and boutique fish farming. As such it represents a bright example of sustainable managing in tourism and industry.

This fish farming experience will not only allow you to learn all about their work first-hand, but also give you the opportunity to taste their delicious Piran bass carpaccio and smoked bass spread. Complemented with a pinch of Piran fleur de sel, a splash of local olive oil and a glass of world-famous Malvasia from the peninsula of Istria.


It is here that the best reared bass in the world is farmed. Their quality is demonstrated by the fact that over fifty high-scale restaurants in Slovenia want them on their menus. Among them are also restaurants with a Michelin star and top-notch hotels like Kaminski in the fashionable coast town of Portorož.

To guarantee high quality and enable complete traceability of their products, every seabass taken from the water is dated and labeled. This way you can always make sure they are fresh and grown in accordance to strict fish farming standards.

Best fish in the world



Include this fish farming experience into your personalized itinerary to Slovenia and/or Croatia. Let our friendly agents know what you are interest in and we will be more than happy make it part of you trip with us.

You can visit the farm as part of the small group or we can organize a completely private tour just for you and your friends or family members. The tour takes between two and three hours and includes a guide, a boat ride, a fish feeding demonstration, interactive presentation of fish farming, tasting of Piran bass and other local products.

After the tour we can book a table at one of the restaurants that serve this very bass so you can truly indulge in the whole experience and taste the famous Piran bass in all its forms and flavors.


In addition to sea fish, Slovenia is also famous for its fresh water catch, making it the perfect destination for all of you fish lovers out there. We will be glad to recommend a good restaurant that serves either sea or river fish.

Furthermore, Slovenian rivers are a treasure that invites fishermen from all over the world to enjoy their indigenous fauna and flora. If you are also one of the fly fishing enthusiasts, we can include this unique experience into your tailor-made trip. There are numerus gorgeous locations all over the country where you can spend a day in peace.

Fly fishing, Slovenia


It might be small, but Slovenia’s diverse gastronomy will prove you once more that size doesn’t really matter. Just a short drive from the coast will take you to the core of Istrian peninsula, home of the famous truffle, sometimes called “the diamond of the kitchen”.

You can taste this amazing fungus in one of the local restaurants or you can opt for an even more interactive experience. Why not go truffle hunting with a professional guide and their dog? Get lost in the woods and find nature’s unique treasure.

Truffle hunting in Slovenia

Contact us for fish farming experience and other unforgettable tours which we can include into your custom-made trip to Slovenia or Croatia. We are an incoming travel agency, specialized in organizing boutique and sustainable holidays all over the Balkans. Trust us, we are the locals and we know all the secrets.

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