Flyfishing in Slovenia

The Slovenian rivers are a treasure that invites fishermen from all over the world to enjoy the indigenous fauna and nature. There are also two natural lakes, Lake Bled and Bohinj, which are the most emblematic places in Europe for fishing enthusiasts. Slovenias nature is not beautiful only to take pictures but also to create unforgettable memories. The river Unica, Kolpa and Iščica amaze with the diversity of fauna and flora, while the Soča River does it with its emerald color of the water and its tributaries. For this reason, they have become a very peculiar destination for fly fishing, the only form of fishing allowed in the river Soča.

The Unica River journey begins in the southwestern part of the country, this is one of the best preserved places in Slovenia. Following the course of the river in the region of Vrhnika, where Unica joins the river Liublianica, you will find of the best spots to fish, thanks to the great diversity of fish found there.

The upper and middle course of the Kolpa River passes Slovenia, before flowing into the neighbouring country, Croatia. One of the places where expert fishermen meet in the forest of Kocevje, an indigenous place of brown trout with red spots. In this area you can also find the grayling fish in abundance.

If you are interested in relaxing while enjoying a good day of fishing in Slovenia, in the north-western part of the country you will find the Triglav National Park. In the heart of the park, you will find the Soča River, surrounded by green forests, which has become the mecca of fly fishing.

A few kilometers away from the Soča River, in the southern area of ​​the Triglav National Park, is the source of the Tolminka River. This natural place is considered as one of the pearls of Slovenia for the pools of natural waters that the river forms when entering in contact with the karst rock of the region. Swimming among emerald waters you will find marble trout in great abundance.

In the west part of the country, you will find the Idrijca River. This spot is perfect for white-legged crab fishing. The river forms small lagoons, where the greenish waters typical of the place calm down, making this place the perfect place to find rainbow trout and marble trout.

In most Slovenian lakes and rivers, there is an abundance of  the river fish called chub, which can be found traveling in groups and are perfect for fly fishing. The areas where these fish abound are the rivers Sava, Drava and Mura.

Although initially carp is a stagnant fish, during the last 20 years, these fish have spread across the largest rivers in Slovenia, in areas where the channel is abundant and quiet.

The salmon of the Danube, commonly called “hucho hucho” by locals, is the biggest trophy that can be found in Slovenian waters. The right time to fish this wild beauty is between April and May. Despite this, locals hold salmon fishing competitions throughout the year, including in winter.

Slovenia is a small country and you can travel it in just one day. If you are looking to escape the stress of the city and lose yourself in nature while you relax enjoying your favourite sport, Slovenia is the perfect place.

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