Game of Thrones in Croatia

HBO mega-hit series Game of Thrones has become a mass phenomenon throughout the world. This exceptional TV programme has captivated us with its characters, its stories and above all, its scenery. Therefore, it is not surprising that every year, thousands of fans travel to the various sites used for filming. If you are true fan, we bet you want to re-visit all the scenes of Game of Thrones in Croatia.

At Ekorna Travel Agency, we are local experts in trips all over the Balkans, inducing Croatia, which features numerous gorgeous places that have been used as settings for recreating land of the Seven Kingdoms. We socialise in preparing tailor-made tours according to the wishes and interests of our guests. One of our most popular products is certainly a week-long Game of Thrones experience and is definitely worth checking-out.

Game of Thrones in Croatia - Dubrovnik

Here are some of the Game of Thrones filming locations for all of you unconditional fans out there who are visiting Croatia. Let’s start with Dubrovnik, a historical and beautiful town for red roofs. It is not surprising that the creators of the series chose it to represent King’s Landing, the capital of the Seven Kingdoms. If you walk through its streets, you will recognise many of the corners of the fictional city:

Fort Lovrijenac: This great fortress stands on a 37-meters high cliff just outside the the city walls and is popularly called Dubrovnik’s Gibraltar. It is one of the most popular locations related to Game of Thrones in Croatia, as it was used as Red Keep, the location of the iron throne. Many memorable scenes from the series were shot here including the tournament in honour of King Joffrey in the second season.

Jesuit Staircase: This is another popular place where GOT fans come to recreate the famous walk of shame preformed by Queen Cersei in season five. The magnificent baroque-style stairs lead from Gundulic square to St. Ignatius’ Church.

 Minčeta Tower: During the second season of Game of Thrones, Daenerys Targaryen arrives at The House of the Undying, looking for her stolen dragons. The tower was used to represent the giant and practically impenetrable stone building that hid great secrets.

 Lokrum island: This island, located less than a kilometre south of Dubrovnik, ideal for day trips, was used to recreate the gardens of the magnificent city of Quarth. You can now travel to this free city by walking Lokrum’s botanical gardens and visiting its monastery.

 Rector’s Palace: This Gothic-Renaissance building is truly one of the most important sights in Dubrovnik. It comes as no surprise that the producers of the series decided to use its interiors to recreate various scenes in the HBO series. Among others, the palace was transformed into a brothel where Tyrion Lannister secretly met Oberyn Martell, to plan his family’s revenge. At another occasion it was used as the residence of the Spice King in Qarth.

Dubrovnik really is the Pearl of the Adriatic and worth visiting for many reasons other than seeing Game of Thrones filing locations. It is a must on every itinerary of Croatia. If you don’t have enough time to visit the whole country, we recommend you to take a short Dubrovnik City Break, which we can easily modify and include all the places related to Game of Thrones.


Follow the story-line of Game of Thrones in Croatia


Of course Dubrovnik was not the only place in this Mediterranean county to be featured in the HBO hit-series. For other locations related to Game of Thrones in Croatia you have to relocate to Split, a historical city built on the foundations of the Diocletian Palace, a retirement home that belonged to the Roman emperor Diocletian. There you will find:

The Klis Fortress: This fort, located a few kilometres from Split, was built as a defence mechanism to protect the city. Located between high mountains in Game of Thrones it became known as Meereen, greatest of the three great city-states in the Slaver’s Bay. They used both, the exteriors and interiors of the fort to create one of the most memorable locations in the forth, fifth and sixth season.

Diocletian Palace: The basements of this famous palace have been used on several occasions during filming, the most notable being the moment in which Daenerys locks away two of her dragons, afraid that they will be a threat to her people.

Game of Thrones in Croatia - Split

These are just some of the most important filming locations of Game of Thrones in Croatia. Guided tours of Dubrovnik and Split can easily be incorporated in virtually any Croatian tour you want to do with us. But if you are a true fan, we can go even further and prepare a private and completely personalised trip which includes other locations as well.

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