Group tours in Slovenia, Croatia and the Balkans

EKORNA is a local incoming travel agency specializing in tours around Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia, Serbia, Macedonia, Albania and the rest of the Balkans. We organize individual and group tours.

All the itineraries that you can found on our web page can be modified for group tours of different sizes and according to their wishes. Have in mind that for groups the itinerary prices are usually cheaper, so contact us on for a personalized offer!

Group tours in Slovenia, Croatia and the Balkans

Different types of group tours:

  • For the religious groups, apart from all the natural beauties, we can include masses in the most beautiful churches of Slovenia, Croatia and the rest of the Balkans. Adding a spiritual tour to Medjugorje.
  • The senior group tours will be organized as a relaxed trip with elaborated excursions that can be done without much effort. These groups can stay at the same hotel all the time or changing only a few times.
  • Groups of young will be able to enjoy a party on one of more than 1000 of Croatian islands or even on a boat. Therefore during the tour, you will see all the most beautiful sights while having a phenomenal time. For school groups, on the other hand, we can prepare a very educational and interesting program for students but at the same time relaxed for the teachers.
  • Slovenia, Croatia and the rest of the Balkans are a true gem for cultural groups. If your group likes music – we will include a concert, if history fascinates you – we have thousands of Roman and medieval remains that you can visit during your group tour.
  • Active groups will find themselves in paradise hiking around the Slovenian Alps – no matter how prepared the group is we know the perfect paths for everyone. We also organize different cycling circuits either through the green mountain landscape or with the constant view of the Adriatic Sea.

Contact us on for an ideal itinerary for your group tour.

Tour groups in Slovenia, Croatia and the Balkans