Gulet charter in Croatia

Take your family or a group of friends on a gulet charter in Croatia. Explore the Dalmatian islands between Split and Dubrovnik, the archipelago of the Kornati Islands or the islands of Kvarner – it’s a unique, exclusive and special experience you will never forget.


Besides traditional gulets of more modest category, we also provide high-end selection of the best possible vessels chosen with great care. These are the boats of the highest quality, with an experienced crew and many additional services – such as an on-board jacuzzi and a wide selection of water sports equipment.

Check out some of the best gulets & yachts in our offer. We think you are going to be thrilled.

SUPERIOR GULETS resemble those traditional wooden ships, but are now transformed into superb luxury vessels. The best thing about them is they kept that romantic Adriatic charm. Superior gulet charter in Croatia range between 15 and 30 thousand euros per week and carry between 8 and 24 passengers.

Superior gulet charter in Croatia

Our best superior gulets

LUXURY GULETS present the best of the best. They combine traditional and photogenic exteriors with a modern interior. All include saunas, jacuzzi and lots of water sports equipment. Luxury gulets have capacity between 8 and 36 guests and can be rented out for a weekly price between 30 and 100 thousand euros.

Luxury gulet charter in Croatia

Our best luxury gulets

YACHTS are a great choice for those who prefer a modern style over traditional. There are many luxurious yachts in our offer ranging from 17 to 230 thousand euros per week. Like gulets, yachts as well have a wide range of capacity (between 4 and 36 passengers) and they offer all the luxury you could wish for.

Private luxury yachts in the Mediterranean

Our best luxury yachts

By chartering a gulet or a yacht, you get the entire boat with the captain and other crew members who will be taking great care of their guests. The main idea is to navigate, relax and enjoy – that’s why gulet cruise doesn’t have fixed itineraries. Of course we can help with ideas and help you with logistics, but the day-to-day itinerary is defined between the client and the captain, making it completely tailored to you.


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Private gulets are a great way of spending quality time with your closed ones 


Private cruise in Croatia


A gulet is a traditional sailing boat made of wood most common in the Mediterranean where it originates. Gulets as we know today have developed from an older version called a schooner, which has long been used as a fishing vessel in the eastern Mediterranean especially in Turkey. After the number of tourists in southwestern coast of Anatolia started rising at the end of 1960s, these boats were slowly turned into more comfortable vessels to meet the higher demands.

Today gulets have evolved into luxurious vessels for more demanding clientele. They can be found not just in Turkey and Greece, but also in the Adriatic Sea: in Croatia, Montenegro and Albania. Gulet charters have become a popular holiday option for families and smaller group of friends as they offer privacy and high-standard service. As such, gulet charters are also great for special small events and business trips or even team buildings.


Enjoy the unique experience of a gulet charter in Croatia


Private sailing holidays in the Adriatic


The capacity of a gulet is generally between 6 and 14 people on board. Very few vessels have bigger capacity – up to about 40 people. Let us know if you need a bigger boat, we’ll find the perfect one for you.

Weekly gulet charter in Croatia vary widely between 15.000 € and 50.000 € per week, depending on the boat category and month of the cruise.

Gulets can only be charted for a whole week, usually between from Saturday to Saturday. Other days are rarely possible.

The prices mentioned above normally don’t include compulsory supplements for half board and port taxes. This value of these costs is variable and depends on the boat category and selected ports.

The itinerary is flexible, but you need to start and end the route in the designated port. In Croatia most gulets docks in Split and Dubrovnik.

Gulet charter in Croatia are possible from May to October. If you want to do a cruise off season, we recommend Greece and Turkey.


Gulet charter in Croatia is considered an upscale holiday experience. All the vessels in our offer are very comfortable and air conditioned. All cabins have private shower and toilet. Vessels at the higher end of the price range are especially luxurious and come with specious saloons, jacuzzies and other lavish equipment.

Every gulet charter in Croatia comes with a professional crew which includes a skipper/captain, sailor(s), chef and a hostess/waiter. The exact number of crew depends on the size of the gulet. The communication is mainly in English, but most crew members speak other languages as well (especially Italian or German).

Gulets have lots of deck space for sunbathing or relaxing in the shade. Depending on the itinerary you can choose to anchor in a quiet bay and enjoy swimming in the crystal-clear waters of the Adriatic Sea.

There is snorkelling equipment available on most gulets, while the more luxurious ones also carry SUP-boards, kayaks or even jet skis. Let our agents know, if you want to include equipment for water activities.

Food is normally served at a large outside table at the back of the gulet. This way you can enjoy your meal while taking in the gorgeous coastline as the gentle breeze caresses your hair. In case of bad weather the food is served in the saloon.

Gulet charter in Croatia and Montenegro

Did we get you excited about a gulet charter in Croatia, Montenegro Greece, Turkey or any other part of the Mediterranean? Email our agents at to get started. As local experts in the Balkans we know all the best deals.

If you want to enjoy cruise holidays but don’t have enough passengers to charter the entire boat, there are also many options of renting a cabin on small ship cruises in Croatia.


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