Holidays Travel Agency: Why Choose Local Experts?

Are you wondering why to choose for your holidays travel agency? Before the coronavirus pandemic, travel was greatly facilitated and became very accessible to many. You could buy flights, book rental cars, apartments and hotels with a few clicks on the internet. It is possible that once the pandemic ends, the great part of customs will return to being as before and with all the information that remains on the network, very quickly you will find the following doubts: Is there not too much information? How to choose the best? How much time to spend preparing for the trip and how many nerves if something does not go as planned …? And little by little you will ask yourself more questions: How to deal with the unfamiliar language once I am there? Is the accommodation I have chosen safe?

In these complicated times more than ever, there is a very easy answer: yes, you can organize the trip on your own, but you don’t need to do it … Travel agencies are not extinct and their importance is even more evident after the global coronavirus crisis.

Here we have prepared the most important reasons why you should choose a travel agency and answer your doubts about the words, holidays travel agency, popping up in your mind.

Take a look at the list of reasons and you’ll see why you want to travel to the Balkans with us. We are your local agency and with us you will not miss anything ?

Holidays travel agency - Slovenia - Croatia - the Balkans


1. Security. With this we mean the tranquility that an agency offers you. In an agency they can help you deal with complicated situations that may arise on a trip, such as poor service in a hotel, a problem with transfers … These problems with a good agency can save you from a bad experience. Agents are the ones to fix the problem.

And with the uncertainty about tourism after the coronavirus pandemic, that’s even more important. A local agency will know the situation much better than you and will be able to advise and modify your trip according to the current situation. And rest easy – your health is paramount to each agency. If not for another, because they want you to travel with them again on another occasion.

2. If it is your first trip to a new destination and you don’t know where to start. If you choose a program tailored for you by a travel agency, even more so, if it is a local travel agency, they will adapt your trip to your needs as a traveler, depending on your characteristics. They will adapt the time of your vacation, so that you can enjoy the most emblematic places. And they will clarify your doubts about currency, accommodation, what to eat, customs…

If it is a group trip, a private trip with a guide or self-guided, choose an agency with an individual touch, which will be with you not only before, but also while and after your trip. An agency that you will have on WhatsApp and can help you with any questions you have.

Holidays travel agency - Ekorna - Slovenia - Croatia

3. It will save you time. It is true that organizing a trip takes a long, long time; if you are a very busy person you should trust your travel agency to adapt your vacation to you, we guarantee that you will appreciate it. As you have already read in the beginning, it is generally easy and it does not take long to book transportation and accommodation, but what does take time is to choose between all the offers that are found on the internet. And imagine how long it will take you to organize a trip in which you will be moving from one place to another, changing hotels, visiting different attractions every day…

And not just before a trip, but also during. Local travel agencies often have a reservation system that allows you to go through all the lines, without having to waste time waiting to get tickets. They know how traffic is moving, when there are traffic jams and organize your trip so that you can take advantage of every minute of your time enjoying the country and not be nervous.


Holidays travel agency?
Yes, because it is safer, cheaper, much easier… 


4. It is not always cheaper to organize it on your own. Many times you make the mistake of thinking that organizing a trip on your own is much cheaper. Sometimes it can be, if you want a low cost trip. But in general, if you are looking to stay in central and quality places, visit the most important monuments, and travel without worries, the costs will be similar, but with the security of an agency since local agencies usually have agreed rates in hotels.

Also, if you decide to join group tours, the price is usually much cheaper than organizing it alone. And, the larger the group, the cheaper the trip tends to be. You can also find many small group trips that give you just what you need – the cheaper price than a private trip, but still traveling in a small group, you won’t feel like just another passenger and you will be safe in these times after coronavirus. Such a trip is this group tour of Slovenia.

5. In good company. We have already mentioned that traveling with a travel agency also allows you to join a group of people. If you don’t feel like traveling alone or are looking for new friends or just think that traveling with more people means more fun, traveling in a group is the ideal type of trip for you. What you have to know is that many times people who choose the same trip as you, think similar to you and the probability that you will get along is very high. This type of trip is perfect also for singles and for those who are tired of trying to harmonize their travel calendars, with those of friends and in the end they always stay at home.

Ekorna, local holidays travel agency

6. Flexibility. With travel agencies many people are used to certain very rigid trips that are immovable, but some agencies specialized in tailor-made trips, offer the client to customize their trip according to their tastes. This is one the most important reasons, when trying to fit together the thoughts of ‘’holidays travel agency’’ together. A tailor-made travel agency lets you choose the time of travel, you choose the way of travel, where to have guides, when to eat, how much free time you wish to have.

In a travel agency they will set up your vacation with different routes, accommodations or extra services. Instead of booking a trip with a few clicks on the internet, your agent at the travel agency will ask you a series of questions to get to know you better, to see what your preferences are, what you like the most. Being an expert in the area, knowing all the secrets and hidden places, which will help you organize a trip of dreams that you could never do on your own.

7. Guides. Specialized travel agencies have services that can help you on your trip. How to offer guides (English, Spanish, French, Portuguese …) to make different trips. This is even more important in countries where they speak a language so different from yours.

This is one of the biggest attractions for those who choose this type of itinerary, since traveling with a local guide guarantees you to get to know a place in depth thanks to the little anecdotes that he himself will share with you. Without a doubt it is one of the star dishes if you are wondering why choose a travel agency.

8. Theme Trips. There are agencies that organize trips with a specific theme that make them very attractive. Today we can find religious trips, bicycle trips, hiking trips, cultural trips, gastronomy trips…. This is much easier when it is organized by a local agency that knows it’s country thoroughly and the specific products that can be included on a trip, as well as the most suitable local providers for each type of trip.

These are some of the advantages of why to choose a local travel agency for your next trip. Now that you’ve read it to the end, how do you see it? Still wondering how the words ‘’holidays travel agency’’ go together? Have we convinced you to travel with a local travel agency? Perfect!

If you want to travel with a travel agency, perfect! If you want to travel with a local travel agency to Slovenia, Croatia and the Balkans – browse our web page and contact us, we guarantee that one of the things that is always included in our trips is our personal assistance in Spanish, English or Portuguese, before, during and also after your trip. With us you will have a great time.


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