Is Slovenia worth visiting?

Check out just some of the many reasons why is Slovenia worth visiting! This small picturesque country in the heart of Europe is getting more and more attention by the travelers from all over the world. Red below to find out why a trip to Slovenia is something you need to put on your bucket list ASAP!

Is Slovenia worth visiting


Visitors have been raving about the beauty of this tiny country for decades. They are simply impressed by the gorgeous glacial lakes, cute medieval towns, mysterious karstic caves, hills covered in vineyards and fairy-tale castles.

The three main attractions are the capital city Ljubljana, the alpine town of Bled and the enormous Postojna cave – the largest cave in Europe open to public. But there are so many other places worth visiting. You will need at lest a week to cover all the beautiful spots such is the Soca Valley with its emerald-green river or the old towns of Ptuj and Piran.


A big reason why is Slovenia worth vising is its incredible diversity. Despite its tininess the country has an amazing range of different landscapes: from flat Pannonian plains to high peaks of the Slovenian Alps. And from deep kartic caves to the crystal-clear waters of the Adriatic Sea. All this is Slovenia!

It is one of the few countries that allows you to go skiing in the mountains and swimming in the sea on the same day. You simply need to visit Slovenia to really understand how is it possible for such a small territory to contain so much diversity. Its like a small pocket full of surprises waiting to be discovered.

Jeruzalem in Slovenia


Check out all the amazing reasons why is Slovenia worth vising


Slovenia is Safe


Slovenia a regular contender on every list of world safest countries for the past few years. Due to its good social system the differences between social classes are relatively small which provides a safe environment where mugging or robbing is very rare. You should still be aware of pickpockets, especially at the main tourist places, such is the centre of Ljubljana.

Other aspects of public safety is Slovenia are also very satisfying. Comparing to other European nations number of traffic accidents is relatively low. The medical system is great and affordable, so you should be taken great care of if you need to visit a doctor.


For many people the answer to the question “Is Slovenia worth vising?” lies in the country’s excellent opportunities to improve someones their health and immune system. Slovenians are a very active nations and there are numerous sports that you can choose from while visiting. Among the most popular ones are hiking and cycling which can be great activities while exploring the beautiful Slovenian outdoors.

If you are visiting Slovenia in winter there are many ski centres you can choose from or opt for one of the numerous spa resorts. Spa holidays in Slovenia are very popular among locals and visitors alike.

Is Slovenia worth visiting? Yes!


Visit Slovenia – a green gem in the heart of Europe



Sustainability is an important part in the lives of Slovenians, especially when it comes to food. They value local and fresh products which have always been the essential ingredient of Slovenian gastronomy. You can be sure to always get a healthy and fulfilling meal when stopping at a traditional Slovenian restaurant.

Furthermore Slovenia is also leading the way in other segments of sustainable tourism, which has been proven by numerous recognitions from world experts in this field. One of them is prestigious sustainable award for best European destination 2020. Visit Slovenia and see it for yourself how green it is.

Is Slovenia worth visiting?

Slovenia - Bohinj Lake


Regarding Slovenia’s small territory the country can not afford to be overflown by mass tourism as they know it in the neighbouring Italy or Croatia. That is why Slovenia is focusing on a different type of hospitality. The main central point of its strategy is providing unique experiences and more personalised trips accompanied by high level of services.

The so-called boutique tourism is coming to the forefront in all the aspects of Slovenian hospitality – from the elegant hotels operating in a sustainable way, haute cuisine focusing on local ingredients  and tailor-made experiences with an added value.

Ready to visit Slovenia, a safe boutique tourist destination full of unique experiences? As local experts in preparing tailor-made tours all over the Balkans we invite you to discover Slovenia with us. Get ready to fall in love with this small and charming country that has much more to offer than you would initially expect. Let us answer the question “is Slovenia worth visiting” for you! Get ready to be amazed!


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