The Alps and Adriatic Sea


Take coach holidays in Croatia starting in Venice and continuing to Slovenia & Austria. Enjoy beautiful landscape of four neighbour countries, visiting Alpine valleys with mountain lakes, world’s famous Plitvice Lakes and medieval Adriatic towns of Croatia. You will also have a chance to taste the authentic food and get even wider impression of a particular culture.
  • 9 9 days
  • guided
  • from 1.870,00 €
  • 11/9/2020

Three Nations of Istria


The heart-shaped peninsula of Istria is famous not just for crystal-clear waters of the Adriatic, but also for its historic monuments and gastronomy delights. Although mayor part of the peninsula lies in Croatia, small chunks also belong to Slovenia and Italy. This circular route takes you to all three countries and can start in either Zagreb, Ljubljana or Trieste.
  • 8 8 days
  • guided
  • on request