Navigating the labyrinth of the Kornati Islands

I can still feel the sea breeze on board of the sailboat Aurora when we were crossing the Kornati Islands Archipelago, undoubtedly an experience difficult to forget that I can recommend to those travellers looking for something different in their travels.

Before sailing we have been told by the locals that no one agrees on the exact number of islands and islets, so the easiest thing is that we resort to legends in which it is ensured that there are as many islands as days of the year, therefore we are not going to be the ones who question such history. Most of the islets are so small that they are totally uninhabited, on others we find some remains of past civilisations, that perhaps used these islands to defend against the enemies. They tell us that the Illyrians, Romans and other colonising nations established their towers of defence on the rock.

The biggest island is Kornat, and one of the few that are still inhabited. There you will find quite a few restaurants where you can taste Dalmatian specialities, gastronomy rich in seafood, seasoned with tasty and intense olive oil and delicious goat and sheep cheeses. Another very characteristic place of the archipelago is the village of Vrulje. There are hardly any inhabitants there, but we will find numerous restaurants or konobas, ideal for an after swim lunch.

The Archipelago has been protected as National Park since 1980, so to navigate in its waters you have to buy a ticket. Being a protected place you have to take a few things into the account. With regards to overnight stays on a boat, please note that it is only allowed in certain places, and if you wish to sleep on the mainland, we recommend you to inform yourself about the existing campsites (Levrnaka, Zakan and Ravno).

One of the characteristics of these formations that most call for the attention is its orography. There is hardly any vegetation due to few precipitations, the temperature of the air and of course, the limestone that predominates in almost all the islands.

Thanks to the diverse landscape, Kornati is without a doubt a great place for sports lovers as it offer a multitude of activity options such as kayaking, hiking, mountain biking, … Rock climbers often choose Kornati islands for their activities. Passing the white walls of limestone, you will often notice brave climbers slipping through the cracks and defying gravity. The highest cliff of all the archipelago, Klobucar cliff, towers 82 meters above sea level. The Kornati Islands and their waters are also a huge draw for the divers due to the large number of species that inhabit the surrounding depths. Many local agencies offer diving tours.

If you do not have enough time to spend days exploring the archipelago, we can easily add a daily boat tour from Zadar or Vodice to your tailor made trip across Croatia.