Navigating the labyrinth of the Kornati Islands

Kornati National Park – one of the eight national parks of Croatia – is part of the largest and densest archipelago in the Mediterranean. Different sources don’t agree on the exact number of islands, so maybe it’s best to trust the locals who claim that their number matches the number of days in a year. In any case, the archipelago is easily one of the most unforgettable sights in the Adriatic, characterised by impressive steep cliffs, stony ground and sinkholes typical for karstic landscape. The islands are bare due to lack of fresh water supplies and sheep farming in the past centuries when the shepherds of Murter cut down the trees and burnt the scrub in order to grow grass for their livestock. Despite lack of vegetation – or maybe because of it – the Kornati National Park is an amazing place to visit and an unearthly sailing experiences.

Here are some options how to visit the archipelago. Needles to say, you will need some kind of a vessel to do it, being a private sailing boat, a small cruise ship or a at least a ferry. At Ekorna Travel Agency we are specialised in preparing tailor-made tours all over the Balkans, including Croatia and its numerous islands. Let us take care or your trip to the Kornati National Park and add this unique experience to your personalised itinerary.


to visit Kornati National Park

Kornat - the largest island of Kornati National Park

When Kornati were declared a protected zone back in 1980, it also included today’s Telašćica Nature Park. Unfortunately due to complicated bureaucracy in sharing the responsibilities between two counties (Zadar and Šibenik), the northern part was later cut off. As of today the Kornati National Park consists of 89 islands, islets and reefs covering an area of 220 square kilometres, while the whole archipelago of Kornati includes additional 100 square kilometres and more than 50 island units.

The best way to explore the vast labyrinth of the Kornati Islands is by taking a week-long private sailing boat or excursion or a gulet charter. You can discover the islands at your own pace and make swim stops according to your preferences. Can you think of more relaxing holidays? Don’t worry if you don’t know how to sail, we will provide a professional skipper who can show you the secluded bays and safe places to dock. Please note – because the archipelago is a protected zone, it is only allowed to overnight in certain spots. Furthermore we can provide all the documentations you need, including the tickets to enter the Kornati national park. You can sail off from various ports including Zadar, Šibenik or Split region.

If your adventurous spirit seeks more than just a peaceful week on a sail boat, we can include tons of sport activities as well. Thanks to its diverse landscape, Kornati national park offers a multitude of activity options such as kayaking, hiking and mountain biking. Climbers often choose Kornati islands for their adventures as well – passing the white walls of limestone, you will often notice brave rock climbers slipping through the cracks and defying gravity. The highest cliff of the archipelago is Klobucar Cliff which towers 82 meters above sea level. Beneath their surface, the crystal-clear waters of the Adriatic Sea offer adventures for another kind – scuba diving. The geography of the underwater environment combined with abundant marine life makes for some exciting diving experiences. Get in touch with us at to get more information about week-long private sailing excursions in the Kornati national park and what sport activities can you add to enhance your experience.

Kornati National Park - sailing cruise

Another great and perhaps more comfortable option for exploring the Kornati National Park is taking a small ship cruise. We offer various week-long cruises on typical Croatian ships that carry up to 40 passengers and therefore provide an intimate cruising experience. Most of them concentrate on the southern Dalmatian islands such as Hvar, Korčula and Brač, but there are some itineraries that also include the passing through the Kornati archipelago:

Colours of Dalmatian Nature, a deluxe cruise from Split
 Northern Jewels of Dalmatia, a deluxe cruise from Split
 Deluxe cruise from Opatija covering the northern islands of Croatia
Luxury cruise from Zadar to Dubrovnik o vice versa
Luxury cruise from Dubrovnik to Opatija or vice versa


Explore the Kornati National Park in the best way possible


The third way of visiting the Kornati National Park is by taking a daily boat excursion from Zadar, Vodice. We can organise a private tour for your family or group of friends or you can join a larger group of tourists from all over the world. There are daily departures from late spring to early autumn and normally take up to 8 hours. Guide in English is provided and the package also includes lunch. We will also provide a hotel pick-up, so you don’t have to worry about anything. This daily trip can easily be included in your personalised itinerary of Croatia if you wish so.

Another way to include the Kornati archipelago into your holidays in Croatia is also taking a ferry to Dugi otok (meaning Long island) and spending a few days there. You will probably want to visit the Sakarun beach, often regarded as one of the best beaches in Croatia to see what all the hassle is about. We can prepare a tailor-made itinerary just for you if you wish to explore this region with a driver guide or on your own. Dugi otok is a great base for exploring Kornati National Park as well as Telašćica Nature Park. From here you can reach the the island of Kornat – the largest island of the park’s archipelago and one of the few still inhabited ones. A few restaurants (or konobas) on Kornat serve tasty Dalmatian specialities – mostly seafood seasoned with intense olive oil and delicious goat and sheep cheeses. Besides great swimming locations, the island also offers some of the most pleasant hiking in the Balkans. Climb the peak of Metlina (237 meters) for explore to enjoy the spectacular views of the archipelago.

Intrigued? Let us take you there! We are experts in travelling to Croatia and other Balkan countries. Trust us with preparing you best vacations yet! Our mission is to offer flexible, yet well organised and personalised trips all over the Balkans. Contact us for more information.


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