Slovenia Luxury Holidays in Portoroz

When talking about Slovenia Luxury Holidays, Portoroz (meaning the port of flowers) is one of the first places that comes to our mind. Located on the Slovenian coast, very close to the border with Croatia, this modern town offers a relaxing seaside atmosphere and a wide range of luxurious hotels. Most of them are equipped with first-class spa and wellness centres that attract VIP guests from all over Europe and beyond.

Why is that? The secret is in the mud! For many years, Portoroz has been a place where the aristocracy and other members of higher classes come to try our the miraculous salt mud that emerged from the salt pans of Sečovije and has incredible rejuvenating effects. This particular substance forms during the crystallisation of salt and it is proved to have many healing powers. Those who have tried this famous mud wraps report that it relieves pain in muscles as well as joints. Increasingly, the salt mud of Portoroz has also been used for beauty purposes after it has been proven that accelerates the excretion of waste from the body, has the effect on reducing cellulite, reshapes posture and cleans skin.

Want to try this magical salt mud? Why not taking a few days off and travel to Slovenia where you can relax and escape the routine of everyday life. Check out below all the commodities that Portoroz has to offer and ask our agents to organise daily excursions to major sightseeing attractions in the country. Slovenia Luxury Holidays are our speciality and we will do our best to prepare a personalised trip you will never forget.


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Slovenia Luxury Holidays in Portoroz

The fame of this miraculous salt mud increased the influx of the European nobility and other VIPs to Portoroz a the end of the 19th century, meaning a lot of luxurious buildings had to be constructed. Probably the most imposing one is the neoclassical complex of Hotel Palace (today’s Kempinski Palace Portorož) opened in 1910. At that time it was one of the most glamours hotels not just in the Austro-Hungarian Empire, but in the whole of Adriatic. It’s most fabulous period come after WWII, especially in the 1960s when Hotel Palace was hosting Slovenia’s first casino. Many world-class celebrities visited Porotorz during that time, including Sophia Loren, Yul Brynner and Orson Welles. Unfortunately its splendour has faded by the time Slovenia became an independent nation in 1991, but the complete restoration of 2005 restored the hotel to its past glory. Today it proudly stands as one of the best 5-star hotels in the area being a perfect location for your Slovenia Luxury Holidays. After all these years, Portoroz is still one of the biggest gambling centres in Slovenia and a favourite retreat destination for up-scale guests who land their private jets at the Porotorz Airport.


Slovenia Luxury Holidays start & end in Portoroz


Portoroz is a luxury destination also featured in our Slovenia Luxury Tour which takes you to the most fabulous corners of this small European country. But you don’t have to do the whole circle if relaxing is your holiday priority. Since Slovenia is so tiny, you can choose to base yourself in one of the hotels in Portoroz and explore its attractions on daily excursions. We can provide you a professional driver guide who will take you to the capital of Ljubljana or the alpine village of Bled with its famous lake. The world-famous Postojna Cave and Lipica Stud Farm are even closer, not to mention there is a gorgeous Venetian town of Piran waiting for you just on the other side of the hill.

We can even take you across the border to visit the fabulous city of Venice which is just two-hour drive away or a closer Trieste, once an important Austro-Hungarian port. Those of you looking for special gastronomy experience should definitely visit Istria, a mostly Croatian peninsula just south of Portoroz, renown for its wines and white truffle.

However, you don’t have to leave Portoroz to enjoy a amazing gastronomy experience. Slovenian coastal cuisine has great Italian and Mediterranean influence, with fish and seafood as protagonists. Try the delicious calamari, sea bass and mussels washed down by a glass of tasty Slovenian white wine. The lively main avenue is lined up with superb restaurants, as well as chic style shops and home-made ice-cream vendors. Summer nights in Portoroz are just as lively as the days and you can easily find a place to your liking where you can dance till the dawn.

Don’t over do it, though. Save some energy for one of the fun daily activities such as golfing, sailing, truffle hunting, fly fishing or even a brown bear safari. Why not? Anything is possible! Ekorna Travel agency specialises in unique travel experiences in Slovenia, Croatia and other Balkan countries. Get in touch for your tailor-made Slovenia Luxury holidays.


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