Portoroz – Beach and luxury in Slovenia

Located on the Slovenian coast, very close to the border with Croatia you will find Portoroz, a town surrounded by fine sandy beaches and crystal clear waters which are its main attraction. That is why we find in Portoroz a wide range of hotels related to luxury tourism and wellness. There are many spa and wellness centers that are distributed throughout the city, and that’s why most of the tourists who seek beach and relaxation travel to Portoroz.

For years, Portoroz was a place chosen by the aristocracy to enjoy and  take rest of the busy social life, noble and wealthy citizens came to Portoroz to cover the “miraculous” mud  that emerged from the salt flats of Secovije. The fame of this sludge was increased until the big part of the European nobility disputed the hotel places to anchor here. That is why there are many luxurious buildings, nowadays converted into hotels of the thirteenth and nineteenth century, which give the city that air of luxury.

One of the most imposing buildings is the Hotel Kempinsky, built in 1910 during the Austro Hungarian Empire, although its splendor ended in 1990, when it was declared in ruins just before the beginning of the Balkan War. Although such a beautiful building could not die that way, so in 2005 began its restoration to recover again the splendor of the past.

In its rooms rested actresses and actors like Sophia Loren or Marcello Mastroianni, that how nowadays they enjoyed the good life of Portoroz.

Portoroz is a luxury destination also featured in our Slovenia Luxury Tour where activities such as golfing, horseback riding, sailing, and of course playing in one of its casinos are offered. Many Italians go to Portoroz to play in the casinos because in Italy the game is prohibited, so there is a fairly large influx of these neighbours. Famous are the evenings that take place all year round in the casinos of Portoroz, where roulette does not stop spinning, playing cards are intermingled and the noise of the slot machines does not stop for many hours.

The city even has an airfield that is quite crowded due to the great influx of the nobles who arrive to Portoroz in these days.

Shopping malls are full of shops, ice cream shops, and various restaurants who are the protagonists of the lively avenues of Portoroz. And they tell us that the night in the city is just as lively as the day, the music sounds all around the promenade and the beach turns into an outdoor disco, this happens during summer Saturdays.

While it is true, in the city we will not find an Old Town as beautiful as the neighbouring Piran or Izola. But without a problem, we can reach them in a few minutes and enjoy of the both coastal towns.

The gastronomy in this area of Slovenia has great Italian and Mediterranean influence, with fish and seafood as protagonists. It must be said that Portoroz is not cheap, although the gastronomic offer is very wide. Do not forget to try the delicious calamari, seabass, mussels washed down by a rich Slovenian white wine.