Sailing holidays in Croatia

Have you ever consider sailing holidays in Croatia? Have you ever wonder what it is like to navigate between thousands of islands on the Dalmatian coast? Around you nothing but a gentler breeze and numerous shades of blue reflecting the waters of the Adriatic Sea and the clear sky above. It is everything you expected – and more! It’s a unique experience of a lifetime.

At Ekorna Travel Agency we specialise in organising tailor-made trips throughout the Balkans which also includes different types of cruises in the Adriatic. Let us know your preferences and demands –  we will organise a sailboat rental in Croatia that best suits your needs and include all the other services to make an unforgettable sailing trip.

We can also help you prepare the best itinerary among the Dalmatian islands, Kvarner islands or Kornati National Park. We are locals and we know all the best spots.



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Sailing Holidays in Croatia


Sailing holidays in Croatia are great for everyone seeking new adventures



This summer Croatia has emerged as a winning destination in the Mediterranean, despite global tourism struggling to survive due to problems with the COVID-19 pandemic. Tourism in Croatia has very much adapted to the new reality that requires maintaining social distance, therefore the country is still a relatively safe destination in relation to the new coronavirus. In that perspective sailing is a particularly great option as it allows you to stay away from the crowds and enjoy the magnificent landscapes of the Adriatic coast completely on your own. What a better way to maintain social distance than on a private sailboat and vising the  beautiful sparsely populated islands of Croatia?


The quick answer is “no, you do not need sailing experiences to completely enjoy the feeling of freedom while breezing through the crystal-clear waters of the Adriatic Sea”.

If you have a sailing licence you can rent a boat completely on your own and navigate the otherwise calm Adriatic Sea by yourself. But don’t worry if you have never done it before or you just need some extra help to be completely sure. We can get you a professional skipper who will take great care of you and bring your sailboat to a safe harbour. His services do not only include steering a sailboat. He will be happy to teach you some trading skills as well if you show interest. Skippers are often local guys who know the sailing destination very well and will be glad to take you to a few of his favourite hidden spots.

If you have your own sailing license and feel comfortable enough to steer the sailboat by yourself, you can choose a bareboat charter, which means you only get a boat and all the necessary equipment. The rest is up to you. Enjoy the complete freedom that can rarely be felt anywhere else.

For a full comfort experience you can also opt for a crewed charter, meaning that alongside skipper you can also get a cook and a hostess. There type of private cruises are only available on larger sailboats or gulets. Read below to learn about different types of boats available.


Everything you need to know about renting a sailboat in Croatia



There are basically three types of sailboats that you can choose from. They are all powered by the wind but also have an engine just in case you are in a hurry or there is not enough breeze to get you to the nearest harbour.

A regular sailboat is a monohulled boat best for couples, families or smaller group of friends. They are more agile and provide more sailing sensation. In windy conditions they might feel less stable and are therefore more appropriate for adventurers.

On the other hand catamaran consists of at least two hulls which are joined by a frame. They provide more stability and luxury. We would recommend sailing on a catamaran to those who prefer enjoying a nice meal and sunbathe on their sailing holidays in Croatia. Because they are bigger they are usually more expensive but also accept more people on board.

The third option is a gulet. These traditional wooden boats are larger and characterised by two tall masts. They are much bigger than regular sailboats or catamarans therefore they provide more space for a bigger number of guests. Normally up to 14 or 16 people can sail on a gullet, but there are some with even greater capacities. Gulets are considered more luxurious and typically range between 15.000 and 60.000 EUR per week. Check out our gulet presentation for more information.

In addition we also provide rentals of luxury motor yachts powered exclusively by engine.The price range is very wide but motor yacht usually represent top end of sailing experiences in the Adriatic. They are normally rented as a crewed charter.

Sailing holidays in Croatia - sailing boat, catamaran, gulet


The first thing you need to know before start planing your sailing holidays in Croatia, is that in high season sailboats can only be rented out for a whole week – most commonly from Saturday to Saturday. There are no shorter rental options, especially if you want to get a better deal. Most charters will not allow you to start your sailing trip in one place and end it at another. You will need to do a circular route, although there are some who also provide one-way routes, normally at a bit higher price.

As you probably know, Croatia is wonderful and even more so when observed from the sea. Navigating between thousands of coves surrounded by turquoise waters feels like entering a magical postcard, especially if you know how to find lonely lagoons away and picturesque bays. This is where your skipper comes in and helps you with the sailing itinerary.

Normally the loose sailing route is determined after the conversation with your skipper/captain on the the day of boarding. They will take into consideration your wishes and give you prepositions based on their local knowledge. During the sailing week the route can be modified according to weather conditions or your personal preferences.

If you are flying to Croatia you will probably be arriving to one of the three major airports on the coast: Dubrovnik, Split or Zadar. They can all be a great boarding point as there are many marinas in their proximity. The last one is great if you want to explore the Kornati National Park, while Dubrovnik provides better entry point to southern dalmatian islands (Mljet, Elafiti, Korčula, …). Split – conveniently placed somewhere in the middle – is the best option as it allows expiring both regions.

Sailboat in Croatia

Imagine getting up at dawn and taking a refreshing morning swim while watching the sunrise. Have breakfast on a deck while the gentle sea breeze caresses your hair.

Look, there’s a group of dolphins coming to say hello!


Sailing season in Croatia normally lasts from late May to late September, but in recent years there are many visitors who also enjoy doing in the first half of October when the temperatures drop a bit.

If you are looking for special deals and don’t mind colder water, you can also do it in the first half of May or second half of October. In some years the conditions in off-season are still very close to perfect.


We know this is one of the most important questions for our guests, but it is very difficult to answer as there are so many factors that need to be taking into the account: season, typo and size of the boat, marina where you are staring, ports you want to visit, etc.

Basically a week-long rental starts at about 1500,00 EUR, but if you want a more modern boat you should think about paying at least 2000,00 EUR per week. As already clarified above, catamarans are more expensive and usually start at 2500,00 EUR per week. Normal price for a catamaran charter would be between 3000,00 EUR and 4000,00 EUR per week.

You can save some money buy booking early or wait for a last-minute offer.

In addition to the rental price, you also need to pay a skipper. Their services usually range from 120,00 EUR to 200,00 EUR per day (plus meals), depending on the destination and season. Port taxes are another cost. They vary from port to port, but you should take into the account at least 200,00 EUR per week.

Food is normally not included on sailboats and catamarans. There are small kitchens that allow prepaying simple meals. Gulets, however, are a different story and half board service usually comes as an obligatory supplement.

Small Ship Cruises in Croatia


Instead of renting a private boat, yacht or gulet, many travellers to Croatia choose to explore its coast and islands aboard a typical local ship which can accommodate only up to 40 passengers. These week-long cruises are great and comfortable way of travelling as they provide all services of a small hotel. Every afternoon the ship docks in a port of different island or coastal town, giving you time to visit the most important sights, go swimming or enjoy a dinner at a local restaurant.

There are several ship categories you can choose from – from modest traditional ones to luxurious vessels offering maximum level of comfort to its guests.

Check out numerous cruise itineraries in our offer. There are regular departures from May to October.

As local experts on travelling to the Balkans, we are in constant contact with all major charter agencies. Therefore we know the conditions from region to region and can recommend the best charter provider based on our own experiences and feedback from previous guests.

Get in touch with our friendly agents at to get the best deals on renting a sailboat, catamaran or gulet. We will provide you with all the information you need for unforgettable sailing holidays in Croatia or anywhere else in the Adriatic.


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