Grand Balkan Tour


This circular Grand Balkan Tour includes 5 countries of the former Yugoslavia. Despite sharing a large part of their history, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Serbia are very different. Our specialist guides will show you the most impressive places in this area: from Lake Bled in the Julian Alps to charming Dubrovnik on the Adriatic coast.
  • 15 15 days
  • guided
  • on request

Explore Serbia


Visit Serbia, country of incredible beauty, extraordinary cuisine, cultural and historical wealth. Relaxed atmosphere and nightlife known all over the world make Belgrade a different and interesting tourist destination. Monuments declared World Heritage by UNESCO, renowned spas for their therapeutic effects, mountains and ski resorts are several reasons why Serbia is worth visiting.

  • 7 7 days
  • guided
  • from 800,00 €


Travel to Serbia – the wild card of Europe