Terms and conditions

The following booking conditions, together with all information relating to your chosen vacation, are on this website and in our corresponding brochure, which form the basis of your contract with Ekorna d.o.o., Fajfarjeva 33, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia. The general terms and conditions apply only to package tours organized by Ekorna d.o.o., unless it is explicitly stated that they also apply to the sale of programs of other organizers. Please read carefully our respective rights and obligations.

Ekorna d.o.o. makes no representations or warranties as to the completeness or accuracy of the information contained on this site. Ekorna d.o.o. reserves the right to change or modify any information contained in this site or the services described herein without notice, but we make no commitment to update such information.

Ekorna shall not be liable for any damages, loss of profits, injury, savings or goodwill resulting from your use or inability to use the information provided on this website. Therefore, you should verify the information obtained on this page before acting and calling the suppliers we represent, for the latest rules and policies.

  1. Reservations

All reservations must be made in writing, either by filling out forms available on www.ekorna.net and its subpages, or by writing an e-mail to one of Ekorna d.o.o.’s contacts. When making a reservation, Ekorna d.o.o. and the client sign a contract that serves as a confirmation of the reservation and contains all the necessary information about the client’s program. When making the reservation, the customer must provide the following data:

  • name and surname of the passengers,
  • name of the trip,
  • date of departure,
  • number of rooms,
  • type of room (double, twin, triple, single),
  • arrival and departure date with exact flight information,
  • extra nights (number of nights and dates)

If indicated in the program, the client is obliged to pay the registration or reservation deposit.

Upon receipt of the reservation with all the above mentioned data and the registration deposit (if indicated in the program), Ekorna d.o.o. will confirm (subject to availability) the reservation in writing and send the pro forma invoice for the requested services. Those who are going to use the requested service should check the documents carefully (including the booking confirmation and the invoice).

Please contact us immediately if any information on any document appears to be incorrect or incomplete, as changes cannot be made at a later date. Please note: not all trip prices advertised in brochures or on our website include travel arrangements, such as flights. Please check at the time of booking.

In the event that a passenger at the time of inquiry does not indicate the correct data, he/she is liable for all costs and consequences arising from incorrect data.

The passenger’s confirmation is binding. It can be cancelled only in accordance with the provisions of the travel cancellation policy (in the section of the general terms and conditions that refers to the cancellation or modification of a program).

  1. Payment / deposit

A deposit of 30% of the contracted price must be paid at the time of booking, or the full amount if the booking is made within the last 4 weeks prior to departure. Ekorna must receive the cost of the trip 4 weeks before departure. If Ekorna does not receive all payments (including any payments where applicable) in full on time, Ekorna reserves the right to treat your booking as if it had been cancelled by you. In this case, cancellation fees will be payable at the rates set out in clause 5 of this article.

The reservation is not accepted until the date indicated on the confirmation invoice issued by the company. If the reservation is not accepted, the deposit will be refunded. The modification or cancellation by a customer of an accepted reservation shall be subject to the provisions of articles 4 and 5 of these conditions.

At the time of departure, the traveller must present to the travel manager proof of payment documents (voucher / voucher / confirmation of payment). Otherwise, the travel manager will not allow the traveller to start the trip.

When a program is booked by another travel agency, the same conditions and terms apply to this agency as well.

  1. Invoice

Only Ekorna will send an acknowledgement of receipt of the signed reservation form with the corresponding deposit payment. If the reservation is within the last 4 weeks prior to departure full payment is due. All outstanding amounts are due six weeks prior to departure. The exact date is shown on the invoice.

  1. Changes and cancellations by the Client

If you wish to make changes to your confirmed vacation, you must notify us in writing as soon as possible. Although Ekorna will make every effort to assist you, the agency cannot guarantee that all requests can be honoured. An amendment fee of up to €50.00 per altered item will be payable together with any costs incurred by the agency and/or incurred or imposed by any of our suppliers.

  1. Cancellation by the client

Should you or any member of your party need to cancel your chosen vacation once it has been confirmed, the party concerned must notify us immediately in writing (by registered mail or fax, e-mail). Your notice of cancellation will only be effective when we receive it in writing at our offices. If we receive notice of cancellation 4 weeks or more prior to departure the full amount of your deposit will be retained (Note: the deposit includes, in addition to any other income paid or due at that time, all amounts paid or due at the time of booking in respect of any flight(s) that have been booked).

If received by us less than 4 weeks prior to departure, the following charges will be paid by the person cancelling:

The charges below are shown as a percentage of the total cost of the vacation payable by the person(s) cancelling, excluding insurance premiums and any amendment charges. In the event of cancellation, insurance premiums and expenses are non-refundable:

Period prior to departure in which written notice of cancellation is received by us. Cancellation costs per person:

  • From 60 to 45 days prior to departure, 40% of the package price.
  • From 44 to 30 days prior to departure, 70% of the package price.
  • 29 days or less prior to departure, 100% of the package price

Note: where the cost of the flight(s) is not included in the basic price of your vacation, this will be paid as an additional price.  You will also have to pay the full cost of the flight elements in addition to the cancellation charges mentioned above, if cancelled less than 8 weeks prior to departure.

In case of cancellation by the traveller, the traveller will not be entitled to a refund of the booking deposit and booking fee.

When Ekorna is not the organizer of the trip, the amount of the package cancellation is determined by the general conditions or other act of the organizer.

If any member(s) of your trip is unable to travel, the person(s) in question may pass his/her place to another person (entered by the user) provided that the following requirements are met. Ekorna Agency must be notified of the transfer(s) in writing (with a complete file of the original and substitute group member(s)) no later than two weeks prior to departure. A transfer will not be possible if there is a waiting list for places in which case it must be the place offered by the next person on the list. In case of a transfer to a person of your choice, all fees incurred by the Ekorna Agency and/or incurred or imposed by any of the suppliers, together with an amendment fee of € 30.00 must be paid before the transfer can be affected. For flight inclusive bookings, you will be required to pay any fees charged by the airline in question. As most airlines do not allow name changes for any reason after tickets have been purchased, these fees are likely to be included in the total cost of the flight.

  1. Our Guarantee

Ekorna reserves the right to increase its prices at any time. If you accept the price of your vacation as quoted at the time of booking (which may be higher or lower than that offered on this website) and pay the corresponding amount on the confirmation invoice receipt, the price of the trip will be fully guaranteed against a price increase.

  1. Changes and cancellations by the Company

Ekorna starts planning the vacation many months in advance. From time to time, changes must be made, and errors corrected in the brochure, website and other details, both before and after reservations have been confirmed and confirmed reservations cancelled. We always strive to avoid changes and cancellations but reserve the right to do so. Whenever possible, you and your travel agent will be informed promptly of all changes. If these changes are minor, you will be offered a comparable alternative. If the alteration is major, you will have the option of accepting the alternative or receiving a full refund.

If you decide to cancel as a result of a major change, you will be refunded all funds paid and receive compensation. A major change to your vacation prior to departure is considered to be those changes involving your departure airport, beach, hotel accommodation or a change of more than 12 hours in flight schedules.

We also reserve the right to cancel the trip at least 7 days prior to departure if the number of passengers is not sufficient.

In cases where Ekorna guarantees in writing a departure, we cannot cancel this trip.

  1. Guaranteed departures

This year we intend to operate all of our guaranteed departures (cruise or land). In the event of any unforeseen circumstances, Ekorna reserves the absolute right to change and/or alter any specific departure date, and to modify or cancel any of the arrangements for a particular itinerary. In the event of an insufficient number of reservations, Ekorna may cancel the departure. In the event that a departure is cancelled, we will rebook passengers on the same trip with a different departure date or on a similar trip. All rebookings are subject to availability. If that tour is unacceptable, Ekorna will refund all funds paid to Ekorna; there is no additional liability. Ekorna cannot assume responsibility for any additional costs or fees related to the issuance and/or cancellation of airline tickets, ground transportation, extra accommodation surcharges, travel insurance, visa fees, taxes or any other travel arrangements not made through Ekorna.

  1. Force majeure

Ekorna d.o.o. assumes no responsibility and shall not be liable in case of loss or damage or changes caused by force majeure events such as strikes, riots, political disturbances, war hostilities or threat of war, terrorist activities, labour disputes, fires, floods, natural or nuclear disasters, weather problems or similar events, as they are beyond our control.

  1. Description of the website

Although Ekorna d.o.o. makes every effort to ensure that all information on this website is correct and up to date, it is impossible to guarantee that this will always be the case. We cannot be held responsible for any information that may be out of date, contain errors or omissions. Information is subject to change without notice. Please contact us for the most up to date information. We cannot accept any responsibility for the inadequate functioning and/or availability of this site for use by any person on its contents. If you have any questions on these matters, please do not hesitate to contact us.

All photos on this website are for illustrative purposes only. Ekorna d.o.o. is not responsible for any difference or omission between the content of the website and the actual facts at any time. Ekorna d.o.o. works non-stop to update and improve the site, in order to provide its customers with all the friendly services that www.ekorna.net offers, with the most up-to-date information.

External links
There are links to other websites that present private itineraries. Ekorna d.o.o. is not responsible for the availability or content of these external sites and therefore cannot assume the information they deal with and used on the basis of the same privacy policy, as in Ekorna d.o.o.

  1. Complaints

In the unlikely event that there is any reason to complain, or you have a problem with your vacation time, you should immediately inform the hotelier, company and other supplier concerned. Any verbal notification should be put in writing and reported as soon as possible. If the complaint or problem is not immediately resolved to your satisfaction, please contact us by telephone or fax within 48 hours, with full details. Until we know of a problem or complaint, we cannot help you. Most problems can be dealt with quickly. However, if you are still not satisfied, you must write within 60 days of your return, giving your reservation number and details of your complaint. Nothing can be done after this period.

  1. Responsibilities of the client(s)

    A) Any passport, visa, health certificate or other travel documents required for the vacation must be obtained by the client(s), whose responsibility remains to ensure that these are in order, and to meet any additional costs incurred (either by the client(s) or by the Company on behalf of the client(s) as a result of failure to comply with such requirements).

    B) The customer(s) is responsible for checking and confirming the dates and times of flights shown on their airline tickets. The client(s) is responsible for arriving at the hotel at the correct time and for showing up in order to obtain all aspects of the vacation pre-booked. The Company cannot accept responsibility for customers arriving late to the hotel for missing their flights. There will be no refund for lost, misplaced or destroyed travel documents or for unused services included in the price.

    C) When you book with Ekorna d.o.o., you accept responsibility for any damage or loss caused by you or any member of your party. Payment in full for any such damage or loss (including loss of keys) must be paid directly at the time to the accommodation owner or manager or other supplier. If you fail to do so, you will be liable for the enforcement of any subsequent claims against us (together with ours and the other party’s full legal costs) as a result of your actions.

    D) We expect all customers to have consideration for other persons. If in our reasonable opinion or in the reasonable opinion of any other person in authority, you or any member of your party behaves in a manner which causes or is likely to cause danger, discomfort or distress to others, or damage to property to which they are entitled, without notice the vacation of the person(s) concerned will be terminated. In this situation, the person(s) concerned will be required to leave the accommodation and other facilities. We will have no further liability to such person(s), including return travel arrangements. No refunds will be made, and no expenses will be paid.

  1. Travel Insurance

Ekorna recommends that you have travel insurance in the interest of you and your family. However, it is the responsibility of the client(s) to ensure that adequate travel and medical insurance is obtained. While Ekorna can assist in the event of a claim, the Company assumes no responsibility for the action of the Insurance Company and/or Insurers and/or adjusters. If you choose not to have travel insurance, the Company will not be liable for any losses suffered as a result.

These terms constitute the contract between both parties, unless varied in writing. Payment of all or part of the funds referred to in paragraph 1 shall constitute acceptance on behalf of the client(s).

All prices for individual packages or services of Ekorna are already inclusive of VAT.

In case of dispute, the issue shall be resolved in the court of law in Ljubljana.