Mysteries of Romania


This trip to Romania includes all the most important sight of this Balkan country full of mystery, history and nature. Let yourself be amazed by the medieval architecture such as the Bucovina Monastery or Bran Castle, the place that gave rise to the legend of Dracula. Enjoy the views offered by the mouth of the Danube River in the Black Sea, while tasting the exquisite gastronomy of the country.

  • 8 8 days
  • guided

Great Pan-Balkan Trip


Join our group tour on this amazing Pan-Balkan trip which takes you to no less then eight countries of the Southeastern Europe. Discover the best that the Balkans have to offer. This a 25-day itinerary, but if you don’t have that much time you can only do parts of it. Let us help you organize unforgettable Balkan trip.

  • 10 10 – 25 days
  • guided
  • from 1.790,00 €

Danube Cruise: Vienna – Black Sea


Take the amazing Danube River cruise from the majestic imperial capital of Vienna along the the mighty European river all the way to the shores of the Black Sea. Visit no less than 8 countries and 4 capitals in 12 days you will never forget.

  • 12 12 days
  • guided
  • from 2.455,00 €


Travel to Romania – Europe’s most exotic country


We offer you a tailor made trip to Romania with an English speaking guide. We can design it to include only what interests you the most, You will visit castles, ancient towns, painted churches, the capital Bucharest and the picturesque countryside. Look at the proposed itineraries and contact us to get one made for you, to suit you.

Romania will already impress you with its capital, Bucharest. It is located in the center of the country, very close to the main attractions that you will surely visit during your trip to Romania. The center of Bucharest is characterized by a large number of buildings from the era of Romanian communism. The most impressive building, but with a sad history, is the Parliament Palace. During the 1-hour tourist visit, approximately 5 kilometers of the palace are visited, representing only 5% of the total building.

UNESCO protects 6 different cultural heritages (with more than 30 churches and castles in total) and 2 natural parks. Honestly, there are more UNESCO protected places that you will be able to visit during your trip to Romania.

Romanian history is impressive. Full of battles, blood, but also art. In Romania you will find castles, fortified villages, and picturesque houses throughout the country. You will also discover a unique and special history related to religion. Romania is a country of very particular churches. In one part of the country, you will see historic churches made of wood, in the other part, painted churches – not inside, but outside.

Romania is amazing to visit and especially to take a trip on the Romanian roads. You will come across all possible situations – from people driving the best cars to poor people using horses. You will see all the beauties already mentioned, forests, wild animals, historical fortresses and above all, friendly people who will welcome you with open hands. Romania is a country that can shock you, in the middle of Europe, but you will love it, you will see and learn something new and interesting at every step – and we will help you to have a great time.