Vintage Car Tour in Dubrovnik

After strolling along Stradun, Dubrovnik’s main promenade and encircling its historic center on top of its fascinating city walls, you might want to escape the crowds and explore something different. Vintage Car Tour in Dubrovnik’s hinterland is the perfect travel experience that offers just that. Experience the jewel of the Adriatic in a new, completely unique way!

Get into an old-timer car and hit the road! Enjoy the gentle breeze running through your hair as you drive along the Adriatic Highway, one of the most scenic roads in the Balkans! Get amazed by the distant views of Dubrovnik’s red rooftops glowing under the Croatian sun! Try local specialties and learn bout the Mediterranean cuisine as you make pit stops along the way.


and add a Vintage Car Tour
to your tailor-made trip of Croatia

Vintage Car Tour in Dubrovnik


This old-timer trip can be completely tailor-made according to your wishes and time restrains. We can arrange a tour for individuals or even larger groups, up to 30 people. Therefore it can be great to spice up a stag party or as part of a team-building trip. The vintage car tour is also suitable for families or even newlyweds.

You can choose a short tour around Dubrovnik or opt for a whole day trip along the Adriatic coast up north towards the Pelješac peninsula or south to the historic region of Konavle. Beside the gorgeous views and unique driving experience, the trip can also include various tasting of local food and wine.

Visit local wineries and try delicious Croatian wines. You will get the opportunity to peek into centuries-old olive oil mills and/or visit an oyster farm. You can extend the tasting to a full local meal experience in traditional taverns if you wish to do so.


The tour is done with the legendary cars Renault 4, which were extremely popular in all countries of ex-Yugoslavia, including Croatia. This practical economy car produced between 1961 and 1994 by the French automaker Renault was an instant hit and still stands as one of the most nostalgic remainders of the good old days.

Of course, the cars used for the tour underwent a substantial beauty treatment. They are painted in bright colors and have an open-top roofs which brings even more excitement into the the trip. Unique travel experience is guaranteed!

Did we get you excited about this trip? Contact us for a vintage car tour in Dubrovnik and other unforgettable travel experiences which we can include into your custom-made trip to Croatia.

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