Winter Holidays in Croatia

You might think of Croatia as a summer holiday destination, but snow is very common in much of country’s territory, especially in the central region of Lika around Plitvice Lakes National Park. Thousands of tourists come here in spring and summer to enjoy the stunning waterfalls and streams, but this place becomes something really unique when snow and ice create sculptures of unparalleled beauty. Check park’s winter schedule here.

The 92 waterfalls and cascades remain impassive as we walk down different paths and boardwalks. Some of its frozen lakes become huge mirrors reflecting the striking spectacle and we can easily imagine numerous fairy tales we were told while growing up happened here.

Winter holidays in Croatia: Visit Plitvice National Park

Zagreb has been a popular advent destination as the city has been voted best Christmas destination in Europe for several years in a row. Spending Christmas holidays in Croatia suddenly doesn’t sound a bad idea, right? Another place in Croatia worth visiting during the winter season is Čazma, near Zagreb. The lights that adorn the famous Salaj farm are the only thing that corrupt the untouched nature. Year after year, the family illuminates its corners with thousands of coloured lights, creating a breathtaking sight.


Winter holidays in Croatia: from icy waterfalls to marvellous Christmas markets 


Let us not forget about skiing holidays in Croatia, which is especially popular in the region of Lika, where lies the famous ski resorts, Mrkopalj also known as the cradle of Croatian skiing. It is popular with amateur and professional skiers alike and it was here that the first winner of Olympic Gold Croatian in skiing was trained.

Another region with a long tradition of skiing in Croatia is Karlovac located in the Bjelolasica Olympic Center, the largest one in the country. The environment here is ideal for those wishing to spend an active holiday. It is also perfect for groups and families thanks to the animators and ski instructors who help the children learn winding down the hill.

Winter in Croatia has many things to offer even if you are not a snow lover. To get away from the cold visit one of the dozens Hot Springs Centres in the country and have probably the most pleasurable experiences of your life. Get to know the power of its healing waters while admiring the snowy landscape or the sea views and sipping the superb wine of the Brodet Peljesac peninsula. It is undoubtedly the best choice to spend the long, hard winter.

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