Winter holidays in Slovenia

You probably have a different image in your head, when you think about Slovenia: a green country, great for outdoor activities such is trekking, cycling or water sports on Soča River. But don’t be surprised if we tell you that winter holidays in Slovenia can be just as much exciting. And maybe even more pleasurable. Continue reading to learn about the great variety of winter sports offered by this small country in the heart of Europe, as well as other activities such is building snow castles or enjoying a day at one of the many spa resorts in Slovenia.

As a local travel agency we really know all the secret locations and special offers. Let us organise an unforgettable winter holidays in Slovenia for you and your partner, family or a group of friends. Get in touch with our friendly agents and let them know your preferences. We will prepare a great mixture of active and cultural holidays tailor-made just for you. Below are just some of the winter specials that we recommend adding to your unique itinerary.


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Winter Holidays in Slovenia


Of course skiing is the most obvious choice when it comes to winter sports. Slovenians are very fond of skiing which is often regarded as a national sport. There are many small ski resorts dotted all over the country. They might not be as enormous as the ones in Austria or Switzerland for example, but on the other hand they are much more affordable. The diverse terrain of Slovenian ski slopes is suitable for beginners as well as experienced skiers. They are all family-friendly and most of them offer teaching lessons for those of you who have never done it or even for those who just want to improve your technique.The most famous ones are Kranjska Gora and Pohorje who also host FIS World Cup, but there are numerous others as well. The ones on higher altitudes (Kanin, Vogel and Krvavec for example) even offer ski touring adventures for freeriders.  Let us know if you are interest in a week-long ski holidays in Slovenia or maybe you just want to add it as one day experience.


When snow covers its countryside and forests, Slovenia turns into a magical winter fairy-tale. What a better way to enjoy the breathtaking views on a cold and sunny winter morning than cursing  through the snow-covered landscape on cross-country skis? Well-maintained cross-country skiing trails can be found all over the country, particularly in the Gorenjska region. The Pokljuka Plateau with over 30 kilometres of regularly maintained trails is the epicentre of cross-country skiing in Slovenia, but there are others as well: try Planica, a renown Nordic centre, or the valley of Bohinj.


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Hiking might not be a winter activity, but when you put on your snowshoes it becomes even more enjoyable then in the summer months. It is a perfect way to experience magical winter nature of Slovenia. With the right equipment you can visit almost any corner of the Slovenian Alps: from Bohinj to Pokljuka and the valley of river Soča. Here’s an idea – why not walk up the Velika planina Plateau – otherwise a popular summer tourist destination – and experience it in a different and unique way? Our agents will provide you with all the necessary equipment  and an experienced guide who will make you feel safe. It truly can be an unforgettable experience to add to your winter holidays in Slovenia.


Another fun way to spend time while on a winter holidays in Slovenia is sledging. Adored by children and adults alike, sledging can be a great half-day activity added to any itinerary of Slovenia. You can even do it after dark, a most of the well-maintained sledging slopes are illuminated. What a better way to end your day?


You would normally have to take a boat ride to visit the little island on Slovenia’s most famous lake – Bled, but if the winter is really cold, you can opt for a very exiting alternative: ice-skating. Other popular natural ice skating locations are Planšarsko Lake in Jezersko, Jasna Lake in Kranjska Gora or the great Cerknica Lake. During winter months, most Slovenian towns set up ice-skating rings where you can also enjoy traditional music and food.

Winter Holidays in Slovenia


Taking a ride on a horse or dog sleigh through a winter landscape on a sunny day is a truly magical experience. It’s a great way to enjoy fresh air and spend time with your partner or whole family. Let us know if sleigh riding is something you would be interest in at and we will make sure to include it your winter holidays in Slovenia. If you are not a fan of carrieges, you can always do traditional horse-riding which can be equaly enjoyable even in the winter. Another fun experience that includes horses is also skijoring. You can compare it to skiing on water, but instead of being pulled by a boat, you are pulled by a horse. Don’t worry, it’s completely safe for you and the horse as the ride takes place within a fenced-in area the animal is guided by an experienced rider who constantly adjusts the direction and speed.


With some building skills you can create snow castles, igloos and other snow sculptures basically anywhere in the Slovenian countryside if there is enough “white material”. If you are actually any good at it, you can sign up for a team snow castles building competition which takes place every last weekend in January in the region of Koroška next to the Austrian border. If you do not feel competitive, you can always visit the festival just to marvel at the amazing sculptures that are set up in just a few hours. They are true pieces of art.


All of the unique experiences mentioned above can easily be incorporated into our popular pre-prepared Christmas trip to Slovenia which also includes northern Croatia. Besides enjoying advent markets of Ljubljana and Zagreb, you can take a day or two for skiing, sledging or other winter activities.

Of course, since you are already here, you probably also want to see the most important tourists sights, such as Bled and Postojna Cave. Don’t worry, our guides will plan the trip for you so it features all the activities you want to add to your winter holidays in Slovenia.

Try something crazy and completely unique:
Do you dare go ice-climbing?
Walk among snow covered treetops at Rogla
Try air-boarding at Vogel
Go paragliding over snowy mountains
Have fun snow-rafting!
What about snow-zorbing?
Did you know snow-biking exists?

Fun in Slovenia

As you can see, Slovenia is worth vising all year round. Contact us for your personalised trip to this beautiful European destination. We will prepare an itinerary that corresponds to your wishes, time restraints and budget. Visit all the most important cultural locations and spice the trip with one or more winter activities mentioned above.


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