Balkan Triangle


Are you ready to discover the pearls of the Balkans? Travelling the Balkans through three countries of the former Yugoslavia you will have the opportunity to get to know the Balkan culture, its beautiful cities and unforgettable nature. If you like to discover the Balkan gastronomy and the mixture of cultures and religions of this region, this itinerary is made for you.

  • 8 8 days
  • guided

Grand Balkan Tour


This circular Grand Balkan Tour includes five countries of the former Yugoslavia. Despite sharing a large part of their history, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Serbia are very different. Our specialist guides will show you the most impressive places in this area: from Lake Bled in the Julian Alps to charming Dubrovnik on the Adriatic coast.
  • 15 15 days
  • guided

Balkan Delights


Do you want to explore the Balkans? Every day waking up in another country? Explore the corners of the Ex-Yugoslavia? Visit UNESCO protected places? This escorted Grand Balkan tour offers you all this and more!

  • 13 13 days
  • guided
  • from 2.218,00 €
  • 6/9/2022

Religious Tour to Medjugorje


This religious tour to Medjugorje will take you to a unique place, full of calming energy and positive thoughts. This tailor-made pilgrimage also includes visits of the historical towns of Split, Dubrovnik and Mostar and presents you a facilitating story of two the Balkan countries with very different, yes so similar history and culture.

  • 6 6 days
  • guided


Travel to Bosnia – the rough diamond of the Balkans


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