Luxury holidays to Croatia

We already know that traveling to Croatia is fashionable, but did you know that Croatia is also one of the countries that many luxury travelers choose as a destination as well? Every year we can see one or another famous person (Beyonce, Oprah, Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise and many more) spending their luxury holidays to Croatia. Some regions of the country are more dominant in this type of tourism than the others.

At the end of this blog you will see which celebrities visited Croatia and what have they seen. But before that, below, you can see the most outstanding luxury destinations and experiences in Croatia. If you wish to see the more detailed list, examples of itineraries and even more luxurious news, visit our Ekorna Experience page or contact us at

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Luxury tourism in Croatia, Slovenia and the Balkans


Luxury holidays to Croatia – Istria region

One of the main destinations chosen by these more elite travelers is the region of Istria. Are you wondering what this place has to attract the rich and famous? One of the biggest attractions, in addition to its beauty, is its famous white truffle, one of the more incredible Earths fruits.

It is extremely rare, that is why it is so valued. Black truffles can be sold for around 300 euros per kilo and up to 3,000 euros if the truffle is white. The luxury tourist is no longer satisfied only with tasting it, but instead wants to find it for himself. Therefore finding one has become like a sport for the wealthiest, small groups are organized in which a guide takes you through the areas where this precious mushroom grows.

Luxury gastronomic journey through Croatia


Luxury tourism in Croatia


Luxury holidays to Croatia – Cruises on the Adriatic Sea

Another attraction for tourists looking for luxury in Croatia are more than 1000 islands that are distributed throughout the entire strip of the Adriatic Sea. Deserted islands have become a heaven of intimacy for the richest. If we add to this paradise also Croatian haute cuisine with the best and freshest seafood, you can imagine why it attracts like a magnet those seeking exclusivity.

Famous actors, businessmen and singers often dock their large yachts in one or the other Croatian island, but it is not necessary to be famous to do that, there are many travelers who can rent sailboats, yachts or large villas in the surroundings of important places like Dubrovnik or Split.

Prices for private yacht charters start at no more than € 17,000 per week and go up to € 230,000. The most sought after are the gulets – the typical wooden boats renovated to offer all the necessary luxury. With them you also get a private crew, tailor-made itinerary and our full assistance before, during and after your trip. Below you can see our selection of the 10 best boats in each category with photos, description, prices and all the luxury that is included.


Luxury holidays to Croatia

Luxury holidays to Croatia - gulet

Luxury holidays to Croatia


Luxury holidays to Croatia – Croatian islands

Croatia is many times connected with high quality products and attracts many with its rich wines. The most famous place to taste them is the Pelješac Peninsula, where luxurious guests stay in historic villas, try different varieties of organic wines of the area – such as Plavac, Postup or Dingac. All these experiences tend to end with an exclusive show cooking by some great Croatian chefs.

Currently, big investments continue to pour mainly into luxurious accommodation facilities and is gradually expanding throughout the country. Until a few years ago, hotel accommodation was quite stagnant and infrastructure was outdated, but the increase in luxurious tourism in Croatia has made it interesting for the investors. They are now creating new and modern hotels with the best and exclusive services. It is also very common among luxury travelers to rent private villas.


Luxury holidays to Croatia


Curiously, some of the travelers choose very isolated places and decide to spend the night in a historic lighthouse. Yes, in Croatia it is possible to do that. It is, however, an experience within the reach of very few, it is a true luxury to be able to enjoy some of the most magical sunsets while feeling the breeze of the Adriatic Sea.

There are about 65 lighthouses throughout Croatia and about 11 of them are renovated and meet the needs of the most demanding travelers. In some we can even find a sauna, hot tub and even a small gym.

Private diving, sailing or hiking are just some of the other experiences that are highly demanded by the luxury tourist. And if that is not enough you can even take a helicopter ride to see the Croatian islands from the sky. You will enjoy the most impressive beauty you have ever seen.


Luxury holidays to Croatia - Kornati islands


Luxury holidays to Croatia – Dubrovnik

Without a doubt the most important Croatian place for the famous, rich and everyone in general is the city of Dubrovnik. This Adriatic pearl is well known for many years already. Its walls continue to be a testimony to the old times although nowadays many connect it more with the King’s Landing and the Game of Thrones then history. Although Dubrovnik was famous already before, there is no doubt that this series raised him to the stars. Being so popular it also raises the price and makes it a truly luxurious destination.


Luxury holidays to Croatia
Holidays of the celebrities


In the old town of Dubrovnik you will find only a couple of hotels and apartments, their prices and service corresponds to such an impressive and special city. But not only luxurious accommodation, Dubrovnik is also the place where one can find the most exclusive restaurant in Croatia. The 360​​° restaurant offers the exclusive 360​​° view of Dubrovnik and the best food, confirmed also with a Michelin star.


Luxury holidays to Croatia - Michelin star restaurant


Celebrities in Croatia

As promised, here is the list of a few celebrities who visited Croatia with places they decided to see:

  • Beyonce and her husband Jay Z visited Dalmatia on a private yacht in 2009.
  • Leonardo DiCaprio spent part of his holidays on a luxury yacht on the Croatian island of Korčula.
  • Oprah Winfrey visited the southern Croatian coast with Dubrovnik. Many photos can still be seen on her Instagram profile.
  • Anthony Hopkins fell so in love with Croatia that he now even own his own villa in Istria.
  • Brad Pitt visited the coastal city of Šibenik in 2016 which is also included in most of the Croatian small boat cruises with much more affordable prices.
  • Tom Cruise visited Dubrovnik and the island of Mljet on his yacht for the first time in 2004 and was seen visiting Croatia again in 2012 on the island of Hvar.
  • Julia Roberts spent her holidays with her family in 2017 around Split. Her husband also visited the Croatian Ibiza – the island of Pag.
  • Lauren Powell, Steve Jobs’ ex-wife, visited Dubrovnik after cruising the Adriatic in 2017.
  • Ellen DeGeneres and her wife Portia de Rossi also cruised and were seen in Split, Dubrovnik and Hvar in 2017.
  • And finally, Croatia was also visited by the entire Game of Thrones team. And it wasn’t just Dubrovnik, parts of this legendary series were recorded throughout Croatia. Here we have even prepared a luxury program following the places related to the Game of Thrones.



To conclude, Croatia is undoubtedly an exclusive, special, famous and at the same time unexpected destination that cannot be missed from your travel list if you are looking for a luxury trip, good food, crystal clear sea, impressive history and places recommended by Hollywood stars themselves.

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