Which places to visit in Serbia?

The summer is getting to an end, but some of you are probably already thinking about your next destination. How about the Balkans? To give you some ideas we have prepared a list of places to visit in Serbia. Why not visit different places and try other activities during the coming year? Come, travel to Serbia with us! It’s going to be amazing, we promise!

We are a local expert when it comes to travel to the Balkans. Discover the treasures of Serbia with us and get to know the most interesting sceneries of this mysterious country. We can show you more than just the obvious travel destinations such as Belgrade and Novi Sad, Wonderful hidden places like Lake Palić near the city of Subotica just south of the Hungarian border are waiting to be explored. The area around Palić is known for its mineral springs with unique health properties. Come and check it out by yourself.


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places to visit in Serbia - Novi Sad

Once in the north of Serbia, do not miss its second largest city Novi Sad. This place is also known as the Athens of Serbia and it is easy to imagine why. Cultural life is present everywhere in the town centre, which is busting with elegant streets and monumental buildings. Among the most important sites is the Cathedral of St. Mary located in the Liberty Square, a neo-gothic building that was erected by Novi Sad’s aristocrats. However, the symbol of Novi Sad and its most visited place is Petrovaradin Fortress, built by the Austrians to fight the Ottomans. This spectacular venue hosts Exit Festival every July, one of the best music events in this part of Europe.

Nearby there is one of historically most significant city Sremski Karlovci. Definitely one of the cutest places to visit in Serbia! Its great number of elegant buildings once served as an imposing getaway to the land of Serbian Orthodox monasteries. Sremski Karlovci was once the centre of Serbian Orthodox Church and the legacy of that era is the great baroque cathedral from the 18th century. As all old towns, Sremski Karlovci has also its own legend: it has been said that drinking water from the fountain of four lions makes you return and get married here. Try it!


The list of places to visit in Serbia is long & exciting!


If we continue the itinerary of the trip to Serbia, we arrive to Belgrade, the great capital, modern and ancient at the same time. Like many other Balkan towns, Belgrade too is a crossroads between West and East, which shows the fusion of many cultures.

First stop is the Kalemegdan fortress, dating back to the Celtic times. Fortress is conveniently located on the hill in the centre of Belgrade and offers impressive views over the confluence of Sava and Danube. You may also visit the Military Museum presenting the complete army history of the old Yugoslavia.

Another place you definitely are not supposed to miss is a Great Temple of St. Sava, impressive Orthodox Church, one of the largest religious buildings in the world. St. Sava houses numerous works of art, without a doubt a great show for your eyes.

After a coffee break and feeling the vibes of the busy Belgrade streets, continue your journey to more peaceful towns of Oplenac, Ravnica and Kraljevo. Although quiet, these places are full of history waiting for you to discover it. Another such place is Novi Pazar with its lovely medieval architecture. Enter many religious buildings like Alem Altun Mosque or the fortresses and Turkish baths.

places to visit in Serbia - Belgrade

On the way to Zlatibor pay a visit to a famous ethnographic village of Sirogojno and taste their prized delicacies in the cute city market where you can buy local products and give them as gifts to your family and friends.

By this point, you have already travelled a great part of the country, but there are still significant historical places to visit in Serbia. One of them is Lepenski Vir, an important Mesolithic archaeological site on the border with Romania. Artefacts old as much as 7000 years were found on the site and suggest that tribes who lived in the area already knew the science of the mathematics and the art of sculpture. Among the findings are drawings of the animals, numbers, letters and even coordinates.

A trip to Serbia truly opens traveller’s appetite, so we hope that it can soon become a reality for all of you. We invite you to share this experience with us and get ready for this great trip to the Balkans. You just have to decide to go; we take care of everything else. Our goal is to provide tailor-made trips for everyone – well organised, yet flexible.


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