Weather in Croatia

Wandering when is the best time of the year to visit Croatia? In the northwest, the contrast between the weather in summer and winter is quite vast with cold, snowy winters and very extremely summers. In the inland, the famous Bora wind is blowing strongly trough the most part of the year.

If your holiday revolves around the area of the Dalmatian coast, you can remain calm, because the weather that dominates this zone is Mediterranean. Mild climate is maintained during the winter and average summer temperature is around 25 degrees. However, it is also true that heat waves can appear and rise the temperatures.

Rain during the spring, summer and the beginning of autumn is very rare in this area of Croatia, but it is frequent in the winter months. Temperatures usually don’t drop below 5 degrees and the average is around 10 degrees. Thanks to this mild climate Dalmatian coast and the rest of the Adriatic shore are popular throughout the year.

If you enjoy sunny weather, we recommend you to go to the southernmost point of the Croatian coast; some of the islands there hold the record in having the highest number of sunny days, especially the island of Hvar that gets an average 2,674 hours of sunshine per year. It is also one of the most beautiful Croatian islands, so experience overall will be very rewarding because of its rich culture and the beauty of its cities and natural environment.

Even though the best months to visit Croatia are usually from April to October, Zagreb is also very nice in winter with snow and lights that are decorating the city centre at Christmas time. Don’t worry, cold weather can easily be defeated with worm clothes.

Perhaps one of the most photographed landscapes in the winter are the Plitvice Lakes National Park. No wonder, it’s a static, white and unique environment that astounds you. If you have time to visit this wonder of nature in the winter season, you will never forget it.