Best way to fly to Slovenia

Are you looking for the best way to fly to Slovenia? Here are some useful tips on where to find most convenient flight connections and direct lines from several destinations in Europe and beyond.

Slovenia is conveniently located in the heart of Europe and its main international airport of Ljubljana has several frequent connections with the major air hubs across the continent, including London, Frankfurt, Paris, Brussels and even Istanbul.

In addition, there are serval large airports in direct proximity to Slovenia’s borders which might prove extremely useful when searching for the best way to fly to Slovenia. Among the most popular ones are Venice, TrevisoZagreb and Trieste. They are all just about two hour drive from Ljubljana and we can organize a private or shared transfer for you to any of them.

Best way to fly to Slovenia


Most convenient and best way to fly to Slovenia is still getting a direct line to Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport (LJU), located approximately halfway between Slovenia’s capital and Bled, it’s most popular tourist destination.

Here is a list of airlines regularly operating from Ljubljana Airport in 2022:

  • Lufthansa has at least one flight per day to/from Frankfurt and Munich. Since they are two of the major reginal hubs, you can get a connection to almost any other airport in Europe and the world.
  • Swiss International Air Lines has several flights per week between Zürich and Ljubljana. What is great about them is that you can combine them with the flights of Lufthansa.
  • Brussels Airlines is another member of Star Alliance, which means you can combine their flights with the ones of Lufthansa and Swiss Air if you use Brussels for your connection airport to/from Ljubljana.
  • Air France has several flights per week from Ljubljana to Paris Charles de Gaulle. From there you can connect to numerus other destinations across Europe and overseas.
  • Turkish Airlines flies between Istanbul and Ljubljana on a daily basis. Being one of the leading airlines in the world, it can get you from almost any major airport across all continents.
  • Flydubai operates three flights per week between Ljubljana and Middle East’s metropolis of Dubai.
  • Air Serbia operates daily flights from/to Belgrade‘s Nikola Tesla Airport and two flight per week to/from Niš.
  • Air Montenegro will connect you with Podgorica twice a week. Duing the summer months they also fly to Tivat. Both lines are perfect for everyone who wants to visit more than one Balkan country in one trip.
  • LOT Polish Airlines will take you to/from Warsaw‘s Chopin Airport at least five times per week. From there you can connect to several Scandinavian cities, such are Stockholm, Oslo or Copenhagen.

In addition there are some airlines providing seasonal flights:

  • British Airways has seasonal flights to London’s main airport Heathrow, which can be a great connecting point to all major airports across the globe.
  • Finnair operates between Ljubljana and the Finnish capital of Helsinki.
  • Israel’s metropolis of Tel Aviv is connected to Ljubljana via two airlines every summer: Arkia and Sun d’Or.

Low-cost airlines with regular flights to Ljubljana:

  • Wizz Air connects Ljubljana with Charleroi in Belgium and Luton in the United Kikndom.
  • EasyJet, one of the most popular low-budget airlines flies to London’s Gatwick airport
  • Transavia is regularly flying between Ljubljana and Amsterdam. In 2022 they are also adding a connection to Paris Orly.

Best way to fly to Slovenia


Passengers often find flights to Ljubljana to be too expensive or maybe the schedule doesn’t suite them. Therefore, we advise them to consider one of the major airports in notothen Italy as the best way to fly to Slovenia.

Venice Marco Polo (VCE) is one of the busiest airports in this part of Europe and has great connections with all major cities not just in Europe, but also on other continents. It is only two and half hours from Ljubljana and our agents can provide you with a private or shared transfer to your hotel in Slovenia.

Treviso Airport (TSF) is Venice’s second hub, mostly used by low-budget companies, and also represents a great way to visit Slovenia.

Trieste Airport (TRS) lies on the Adriatic coast, just on the doorstep of Slovenia and has great connections with other Italian cities. You can also fly from London, Munich, Valencia and other European destinations to enjoy a quick Trieste City Break or a longer trip to Slovenia.

Other Italian airports we can also organize a transfer from/to Slovenia include Verona, Bologna, Milan and Bergamo.


You bet! You can use Croatia‘s major airport of Zagreb (ZAG) which is just a 90-minute drive from Ljubljana. It has great connections to most European capitals and even offers flights to Dubai and Doha and from there anywhere else in the Far East. At the same time Zagreb also serves as the main hub for domestic flights and offers regular flights to Dubrovnik and Split.

Other smaller airport in northern Croatia you might find useful when trying to get a flight to Slovenia are Pula (PUY) and Rijeka (RJK) which actually lies on the island of Krk, but has a bridge connection to the mainland. These two are especially active in the summer months when airplanes from northern Europe bring sun-seeking holidaymakers to the Adriatic coast.

Still looking for more options? As a local travel agency specialized in tailor-made trips to Slovenia and other Balkan countries, we are here to provide you with the most p-to date information on the best way to fly to Slovenia. You can also try Graz (GRZ) and Klagenfurt (KLU), both located just across the border with Austria.

Other major airports in the region, just a few hours from Slovenia are Vienna (VIE), Budapest (BUD), Salzburg (SZG) or even Munich (MUC). Don’t worry we can provide a reliable and comfortable transfer between Slovenia and any of the airports mentioned in this post.

Get in touch with us at and or friendly agents will try to find fight connections provided by different airlines. Remember, we are the local and we know all the secrets.


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