Olive grove tour

Visit Slovenia and take a vintage olive grove tour like never before! This unique travel experience will take you on an unforgettable journey through olive groves of Istria, a picturesque Adriatic peninsula highly-regarded for its diverse landscape and amazing gastronomy.

Alongside the world-famous truffles hiding in its woods and the delicious Piran bass swimming in its waters, the Slovenian seaside is also famous for its exquisite olive oil, easily compared to the one of other Mediterranean countries. That is why the heart-shaped peninsula of Istria is just the perfect travel destination for all of you food lovers out there. Get ready for an exiting travel experience which does not just include a vintage olive grove tour in legendary classic cars, but a bunch of other gourmet delights too.

olive grove tour in Slovenia, Istria

Experience the unique olive grove tour
Taste the world-famous Istrian delights
Ride in classic vintage cars


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This unique olive grove tour will take through the largest family oil extraction plant in Slovenia. It is just the perfect addition to any gastronomy trip as it not only exhibits the renowned olive oil of Istria, but also gives you the opportunity to try other local specialties such as prosciutto, traditional Istrian minestrone called bobiči and home-made sparkling wine.

Your ride on this olive grove tour will be the legendary vintage cars of the flower power generation which have been enhanced by using olive wood. But this isn’t even the most exciting part! The three-hour tour will also take you to some of the best viewpoints of the Slovenian coast. One of them is the highest flysch cliff on the Adriatic, situated within the picturesque Strunjan Nature Reserve.

The educated guides will walk you through their well-maintained olive groves and tell you all about the production of high-quality olive oil. You will learn not just about its use in gastronomy, but also about the wide range of applications of olives in cosmetics and other industries. Before the tour ends, you can even mix your own favorite olive oil combination.



Experience the unique olive grove tour



olive grove tour in slovenia


Did you know the oil from Slovenian coast ranks among the best in the world? These olive trees grown on the very top of the Mediterranean basin are often affected by flows of cold air which increases the nutritional value of the oil. The products received numerous awards world wide and are served at the best restaurants in Slovenia and abroad.

But hey, you don’t have to take our word for it. Come and taste it for yourself.


Included in this exciting olive grove tour is also the visit of the 80-meter Strunjan Nature Reserve, home of the highest flysch cliff in the east part of the Adriatic. The views above the Moon Bay below are noting short of breathtaking and a must-see for everyone who visits the Slovenian coast. All you need is a pair of good hiking shoes.

Even if you don’t do this tour, we can still include the cliff in your Slovenian trip.


There are other unique travel experiences on the Slovenian coast that we can include into your personalized trip. You might like truffle hunting in the woods of its mysteries hinterland, salt raking in the Sečovlje Natural Park or a boat trip to the boutique fish farm where they like to brag about the delicious Piran bass, apparently the best of its kind.

All this and much, much more… On your completely tailor-made trip to Slovenia.


Visit Istria

The experiences listed in this post all take place in the magical peninsula of Istra, famous not just for the crystal-clear waters of the Adriatic Sea, but also for its numerous historic monuments and gastronomy delights. Major part of the peninsula lies in Croatia, but small chunks also belong to Slovenia and Italy, creating an interesting cultural mix. You can learn all about its complex history and taste the delicious local dishes on our popular week-long private trip to Istria which also includes Croatian capital Zagreb, Slovenian capital Ljubljana and the cosmopolitan Italian city of Trieste. Upon your request, we can add any other daily excursion you are interests in.



The olive grove tour presented above is part of our well-received sustainable travel program. As a local travel agency specialized in personalized trips to Slovenia, Croatia and other Balkan countries, we strive to offer our clients boutique experiences which will bring you closer to local way of life, offer a different insight into the destination and – above all – enrich your time on Earth.

If you share our vision about, contact us for more information on private and tailor-made trips to Slovenia. Let us know your interests and we will prepare a trip you will never forget.

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