A Change of Scenery Every Day

You are in your hometown, used to all the places, every day looking at the same thing. When you decide to go on a holiday, wouldn’t you want to see different things and not stay at one place for a week or so? Our easy solution is visiting Slovenia. Being that it is very small, but diverse – full of cultural attractions, but at the same time green – a place where you can swim in the sea in the morning and climb a mountain in the afternoon. Yes, an everyday change of scenery is guaranteed on your trip to Slovenia.

Slovenia borders Italy to the west, Austria to the north, Hungary to the north-east and Croatia to the east and south. Meaning, it is easy to find a flight from your country to one of these neighbouring countries (among the most popular airports being Venice, Treviso, Zagreb and Trieste), if you might struggle to find a direct flight to Slovenia. We can also organize a transfer from the airports above, so do mention this when making plans.

Below we give you some examples so you get the idea of Slovenia’s diversity and understand how you can enjoy a change of scenery daily on just a week-long trip. For the cherry on top, add an experience of your choice and make this trip stand out.



And we’ll help you fall in love with S-LOVE-nia

Visit the vineyards of Slovenia with Ekorna



So, let’s say you arrive to Ljubljana and you start your trip here. The capital city is located in the centre of Slovenia, a perfect starting point for daily trips or excursions. Basically, a change of scenery can be seen with only an hour’s drive from Ljubljana. To get all the knowledge about Ljubljana we will gladly organize a local tour guide, who will take you on a walking tour of this Green Capital of Europe (awarded in 2016). The distances are short, and you will be in the pedestrian zone, no cars, no traffic, also perfect if you come with children so that you don’t have to look over your shoulder the whole time.

In just a short walk you will cross the famous bridges in the city centre, walk along the Ljubljanica River, learn about the famous poet Prešeren, see the main square, the National Library and check out the views from the castle above the old town. Not to unveil too much 😊, but a change of scenery is just a walking distance away, maybe strolling through Tivoli Park or even visiting Metelkova City, an alter side of Ljubljana, where once a military prison was located. Stay a couple of days and also go on a bike tour, food tour, boat tour or even play a game of golf just outside of the capital.


Change your scenery with a visit to Ljubljana with Ekorna

Different sceneries: Velika Planina and Bled



Walk through the vast pastures, taste delicious local cuisine, find snow in the Vetern’ca Cave and visit the Preskar Museum in the heart of a shepherd’s village. All of this while enjoying the fresh mountain air of Velika Planina. This change of scenery will really do you good, while strolling among several shepherds’ settlements with over a hundred shepherds’ dwellings of a special shape, which are a trademark of the plateau, making it the largest shepherds’ settlement in Europe. Take a load of, arrive there with your personal driver guide that we organize, let the cable car take you up, enjoy a shepherd’s meal and let the nature do the rest.

Love the idea of trying local gastronomy?

Yes, I would love to go on a gastronomy tour

Slovenian gastronomy with Ekorna - gastro_piramida_dvor_jezersek_tomo_jesenicnik_15-photo-m


A change of scenery is certain with this triple dose of relax time, all in one place, all in Bled. Although Lake Bled takes the lead among these three, including a boat ride to the island in the middle and getting some ancient knowledge while visiting the castle above the lake, will make the package complete. And somewhere in between, take a break in one of the bars with a lake view and order the famous Kremšnita dessert. If you have time left, your private driver will gladly take you to a place where a river cuts through the hills, creating a scenery that will blow you away and making the Vintgar Gorge a great addition to your trip. So, contact us at info@ekorna.net and let us know what to include.

Love the idea of castles?

Yes, I want to see other castles

Castles of Slovenia, a change of scenery with Ekorna


Yes, for those of you that can’t believe it, Slovenia also has a (small) coast 😊. It’s about 46 km long, according to recent measures and in Europe, only Bosnia and Hercegovina and Monaco have shorter coasts. Bordering with Italy on one side and Croatia on the other, Slovenian Istria has a little something for everyone. While visiting, our private guide will share all the interesting facts about Koper – where Slovenia’s only international cargo port is located, Portorož – our glamorous coastal spa town and Piran – an old picturesque fishing village with Venetian Gothic architecture. Let us not only guide you through these towns on the coast but stay a couple of days and we can throw in something like sea salt harvesting or truffle hunting, just to make your trip an experience to remember.

To prepare a personal experience for your trip to Slovenia



Daily change of scenery on your trip to Slovenia 



The picture of the Soča River that you see below is not a ‘’Photoshop result’’. It really looks like this. Its emerald-green colour with crystal clear water is exactly what you will see. If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, the Soča Valley is a must-visit corner of Slovenia and the Alps. Take part in exceptional water adventures, kayaking and rafting on the Soča River, discover the unspoilt beauty of the canyons and the charm of the pools that inspire fishermen and swimmers. We’ll make a lovely route for you that will include a visit to the alpine town of Kranjska Gora and the Soča Valley, which will make a great day trip from Ljubljana.

VIsit the Soča River in Slovenia on a private trip with Ekorna


Now this here, will really give you something to talk about. The Postojna Cave is said to be the world’s most attractive cave, with magnificent stalactite sculptures and a diverse animal world. Take an unforgettable ride on the underground train and experience a mighty underground paradise shaped by tiny droplets over millions of years. And just as you step outside of the cave, your guide will take you to another world-famous spot that the city of Postojna offers, the Predjama Castle. The largest cave castle in the world, listed in the Guinness Book of World Records, vividly tells the story of time.

Postojna Cave - _vlakec_v_postojnski_jami_4155_orig_jpg-photo-foto: Iztok Medja, www.slovenia.info


All the places above can be joined into one lovely week-long vacation that you can enjoy with your family, friends on a getaway alone with your loved one. These are just some of our suggestions, but being that we are bespoke travel agency, we can easily adjust your trip. Want more cities – no problem, want more nature – it can be done, more coast, more relax time, more active holiday – yes, we have that too. You can even join Slovenia and Croatia together and do it all in one week or more, simply let us know your preferences and we’ll take you on a change of scenery trip.


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